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Runners are a lucky bunch. We get to run with packs of incredibly awesome people, often times train hard on the track and tan simultaneously, get high off fresh air with a quick endorphin boost… the list goes on and on. But running has a unique charm that other sports don’t. As the saying goes: you can’t experience a city to the fullest unless you’ve run through it (at least that’s how I word it!)

As runners we get to experience places and spaces from a different perspective. Bloggers often talk about pounding the streets in a new city, Runners World gathers the latest Rave Run in each new issue, and I guarantee each of us muggle runners has memories of the best city, town, trail, cave, beach, park, you name it where you’ve experienced a bright and bustling new place on the run.

It’s only fair that if I brag about my top spots, you get to share yours as well…deal? Post a photo or tell us the places that make you feel lucky to be a runner. Tag #runlucky and @oiselle on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, your choice.

Take a peek at the places where I #runlucky. 

1. Moeraki Boulders – Waitaki, New Zealand


2. Manly Beach – Sydney, Australia


3. Sydney Harbor – Australia


4. Gasworks Park – Seattle, Washington


5. Pre’s Trail – Eugene, Oregon


6. Arboretum – Seattle, Washington


7. San Juan Islands – Roche Harbor, Washington


8. Victoria – British Columbia


9. Watershed – Redmond, Washington


10. Greenlake – Seattle, Washington


March 13, 2014 — jacquelyn scofield

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