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Spring marathon season is here! April kicks it all off with no less than 4 world class marathons. Wondering what to wear on race day? We pulled our favorite looks for every weather possibility. 

Paris Marathon Styles
50° - 60°F
April 12, 2015


Tres chic! The Paris Marathon is made for your best runway to race day style. The Farrow Tank with Flyte Shorts has the effortless cool factor that Parisan women are famous for. Pair with the Go Time Bra so you have a zip pocket for your hotel key, some cash and nutrition. And add Cable Knit Arm Warmers if the day calls for it.


Boston Marathon
40° - 87° F
April 20, 2015

Bean town! Boston has arguably the most volatile weather of all major spring marathons. It could be in the 80s or the 40s. So we pulled two outfits. One for Hot Boston and one for Cold Boston.

Hot Boston Styles
You’re going to want pockets for your gels, might be good to have salt tabs or other necessaries for extreme heat. And the Toolbelt Roga is ready! More pockets than Polly.  When it comes to racing hot the less layers the better so we suggest the Suspension Shimmel or fly shirtless (with a bra of course)! Add a cap, to keep extra cool soak it in water before race and dump water on every chance you get to keep your body temperature down.

Cold Boston Styles

This look is all about hardworking layers. You want to be warm and dry. The Wazelle Short Sleeve paired with Herringbone Arm Warmers is a wicking winner. Add the Joggings Knickers (with large zip pocket) and you’re race day ready. Don’t forget layers while you wait for your wave start. One piece, one word: Yeti.

Big Sur Marathon Styles
50° - 60° F
April 26, 2015


Hello gorgeous! The Big Sur Marathon winds along the California coast and the weather you’ll be dealing with is fog, sun and cool ocean breezes. The average temperatures are between 50° and 60°.  You’ll want some arm warmers for those early miles as you and the day warm up. The Stride Minis have a zip pocket for your car key and gel. With views like this marathon boasts you’ll probably want to have your phone in hand to snap pics. Or go unplugged and just soak it in.

London Marathon Styles
49° - 61°F
April 26, 2015


London calling! The London marathon has relatively predictable weather when compared to the other major spring marathons. The lowest temperature on record was 41 in 2004 and the highest 71 in 1996 and 2007. Keep your eye on the forecast, but we confidently suggest the outfit below. Add arm warmers if you need that extra layer or swap the Birds of a Feather Long Sleeve for the Birds of a Feather Tank.


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