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When JJ and Oiselle met Jasyoga...

Truth be told, my everlasting love for Jasyoga began with legs up the wall. It was late summer of 2012 when my girlfriend Kendra contacted me about a mobile yoga studio she began working for. “You have to let Coach Erin come in and teach a class!” Kendra convinced me that Oiselle HQ (which was about 5 of us at the time) would love it, explaining how it’s a new concept: yoga tailored for endurance athletes. I was skeptical – yoga just wasn’t my thing. So I thought.


Soon we learned that Jasyoga (“Jas” short for Jasmine, Coach Erin Taylor’s middle name) was different. It wasn’t your average Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha, sweat-your-pants-off yoga. It was a practice designed specifically for the needs of athletes. Erin taught us our first class incorporating hips, hammies, core work, subtle lessons on helping ease the mind and hit reset…we were in awe, and the rest was history.


Erin and the Jasyoga team have taught many classes at the Nest since that initial visit. We have joined them for outdoor yoga events they host in the summer and the occasional yoga + beer at Hilliard's Brewery. In summer of 2014, the Jasyoga crew came to our first annual "Bird Camp" to share the Reset Revolution with Oiselle runners.


Naturally, runners need to recover and reset...and vice versa.

The Jasyoga family has become an integral part of our community, and us to theirs. We are very excited to announce that Oiselle is the official apparel sponsor for Jasyoga. As a natural progression of friendship and collaboration, this next step for Oiselle + Jasyoga will mean increased support and partnership. With locations in Seattle and London, as well as the new Jasyoga Video, there are plenty of ways for you to join the #resetrevolution with us!   

When Erin and Jasyoga met Oiselle...

Jasyoga’s mission is to get practical yoga solutions into the bodies of as many athletes as possible. As a lifelong athlete, I know that yoga enhances athletic prowess, and that there’s a fresh, fun way to communicate this simple truth in a way that motivates and inspires athletes to roll out a mat. 


I felt an instant connection to Sally and Oiselle when I rolled up to teach the Nest their first Jasyoga for Runners sessions back in 2012. They said they needed yoga for dummies and I was a bit of a running dummy. They needed help with post-run booty lock and I needed help getting access to more runners — we both had something valuable to learn from each other. Since then, I’ve given them more access to the freedom and fluidity that accompanies balancing strength and flexibility, effort and ease. They’ve championed the Reset Revolution and given Jasyoga access to the runners who need it. Our collaboration has elevated athletes.


It has also empowered me in was I didn’t anticipate— as a runner, an entrepreneur, and a woman. I’d collaborated with other apparel companies, but the relationships always felt a bit phony. Oiselle has been a breath of fresh air. And the feeling of flight Oiselle conjures helps keep me connected to the reasons why I run and why I practice yoga.

Time flies when you’re hanging out with fast women and I couldn’t be more thrilled to officially rep the bird, to spread my wings wider, and to help women athletes use yoga to run fast and free. We’ve done a lot together in these past few years but now it feels like we’re at a whole new starting line — join us. Let’s make it happen, together.

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jacquelyn scofield