Boulder is about 1300 miles too far from Seattle. I think this every time I think of Kara. Fortunately, she helps us shorten that distance with lots of updates on training, racing, and what's turned out to be a political year for the sport. Like so many women, I was incredibly proud of her for sharing her story this spring on the BBC and speaking truth to power. At the same time, she remains an imaginary BFF to vast numbers of women who not only follow her running, but also her ability to balance a pro career with family, friends, and community. I'm always in awe of Kara's focus, and when the heat is on, her strength and poise.

So happy we could catch up with her this week - and see what's going on with training, what races she plans for this fall, and looking ahead to the Olympic Marathon Trials in February of 2016... 


How has your training block been this summer?
Training has been great. After life stress in the summer, I decided to go back to base training. I’ve been running a lot of miles and feeling good.

You hit the track today, what was on deck?
The workout was 8 x 1k with 400 recovery. The goal was 3:15-3:17. I averaged about 3:16.


As you look ahead to fall, what's on the schedule? 
I’m hoping to race three times this fall. Starting with the Twin Cities 10 miler and then looking at a half marathon in November and again in December.

Obviously the big goal is February 13th in LA. How are you breaking down the time between now and then? 
Yes, the goal is still February 13th! Between now and then I’m just trying to stay consistent with my training and stay healthy. Right now I’m on my longest healthy stretch since before my son was born. I just need to continue with my health and training. I’m looking to race a few times to remind myself how to push through the pain.  


Colt's turning 5 this September! How are you all celebrating?
Colt has been steadfast since February that he wants a birthday party at Chucky Cheese. So we already have it reserved, we are headed to Chucky!

Summer's on its way out, are you a summer girl or all about fall? 
I love summer because I love the sunshine. But fall has always been my favorite season. I love the crispness in the air and the sound of leaves crushing under my feet. The smells of fall are my favorite.


Will we get your expert layering advice again this season?
Of course. I love my layers. Always have. Stay tuned...!

Do you have a favorite style from Fall 2015 so far?
So many good ones. My favorite right now is the Muscle Tank. I’m loving all the new tanks, so much variety, and all the colors! Some violets and pinks, I’m in love.


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