The inaugural Running with the Bruces: Training Camp went down this past weekend and I wanted to share my experience with you! This was my first time visiting Flagstaff, AZ and it surely didn’t disappoint!  This camp is for runners of all fitness levels and for all ages. Ample opportunity was given for one-on-one time and for small group discussions with either Ben or Stephanie. They made you feel very welcomed and comfortable.

We even did many activities right in their own home. We all got to experience what it would be like to live and train like a professional. Some of the activities included tasting some of Flagstaff’s best coffee and food, soaking our legs in the fresh creek water, massages, chiro body work, and strength work with A.J. and Wes at Hypo2. We also got to interact daily with professional runner and camp counselor David Torrance. We even watched David crank out a very impressive track workout in nearby Sedona. Most of Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet, but during camp Stephanie and Ben exposed us to running at elevations ranging from 4,500-9,500 feet. We were all given great instructions on how to adjust our training to safely run as such elevations. 

Experience #brucecamp15 through photos for yourself! 


Amazing camp swag from Oiselle, HOKAONEONE, Training Peaks, and Picky Bars!


The beauty of Buffalo Park. 


Run family at Diablo Burger!


Aspen Corners trail run at: 9,000 feet.


Aspen Corners trail run in action. 


Learning from Ben and David at Kickstand Coffee.


Drills, strides, hill sprints, and plyos on grass.  


525 road in Sedona.


Track with a view in Sedona. Beauty!


Java Love Café


Freshwater leg soak = money.


Strength work at Hypo2.


Waterline Road long run.


Last run together on Flagstaff Urban Trail.


And finally, last coffee together at Macy’s.

I hope that other people will get the chance to experience what I got to this past weekend! I feel I took away many things from camp! Specifically reinforcing positive habits into my training, safely got my feet wet again running at altitude, personal advice, created new relationships, and a renewed love for the running community. I heard that there may be more Bruce Running camps to come too---so, you ALL may be in luck!  

Special Thanks to Stephanie and Ben Bruce, David Torrence, Leah Rosenfeld, Stephanie Del Giorgio, Hypo2, and camp sponsors Oiselle, HOKAONEONE, Training Peaks, and Picky Bars for making my #brucecamp15 a success!


jacquelyn scofield