The Track and Field Trials 2016. I can’t believe it’s here! Like many athletes and fans, I subconsciously live my life in 4-year blocks. 2012: Oiselle was still a young bird. We had 5 employees. We were overjoyed to sponsor 3 competing athletes: Kate Grace in the 800m and 1500m, and Collier Lawrence and Jamie Cheever in the steeplechase. When we handed out invites for our #totallytrials party, no one believed that MC Hammer would actually be there.


Now, four years later. Oiselle is still a young bird, but maybe more like an early adolescent, with adult plumage poking through the fluff. We have 20 employees. We’ve had our eyes opened, had some schoolyard fights, fallen in love, felt heartbreak, and have had moments of both embarrassment and pride. And yet, in the most significant ways, it feels like we haven’t changed. We are getting ready for the Trials with giddy excitement, and are overjoyed to sponsor our 14 Trials athletes. Please help us super-fan these birds, and join us in the #totallytrials16 shenanigans in Eugene (and online!).

Haute Volée Olympic Track & Field Trials Qualifier Roster


Meet our Oiselle Track and Field athletes...

Kate GraceOur OG athlete, feels like we’ve grown up together. Sexy ankle, speed demon, nerdy queen, @fastk8. After battling 2014 and 2015, Kate is ready to throw down. Kate is qualified in both the 800m (2:00.05) and 1500m (4:05.65).

Dominique Jackson: Speedy Dom puts together the best solo fashion videos. Dom is a fighter, and muscled into the 800m with a 2:02.39. Watch for her picture-perfect stride!

Lauren Wallace: After busting out with an Indoor US 1000m championship last year, LWall continued to PR through outdoor Nationals last year. Look for Lauren to be a fighter with a vicious last 100m kick in the 800m (2:00.48).

Steph Bruce: 2 boys in less than 2 years, followed by an A standard in the 10K (32:14.42). What else do you need to know? This woman has inspired hundreds of thousands of women with her #keepingitreal posts on mom-athlete bodies. Go, Steph!


Kate Grace (left) and Britney Henry (right). Photos by Jeff Cohen.

Britney Henry: Yep. It’s HammerTime!! Brit has dedicated herself 100% to all of the little details this year. We are so proud of her! She’s thrown 70.16m so far, and keeps building every meet.

Maria Michta: Our first race walker, Maria is a gentle person and a fierce competitor. So excited to cheer her on!

Rebecca Tracy: Made it into a tough 1500m field with a time of 4:09.75. Rebecca is a full time med student (just finished 2nd year)…her performances this year have been amazing!


Steepler, Shalaya Kipp. Photo by Phil Bond.

And our Oiselle #steeplepeople!

Shalaya Kipp: 2012 Olympian, exercise physiologist, #runnerd, this gal can do it all. We can’t wait to see her grit out there! (Seed time 9:37.09)

Jamie Cheever: Another OG bird! We were so happy to welcome Jamie back into the nest this year. She’s come back from hip labrum surgery with a vengeance, and runs with no fear. With a PR of 9:29, she’s clocked 9:37.12 so far this year. 

Alexina Wilson: Alex joined the Volée this spring, and then proceeded to blow everyone’s minds! She dropped a huge PR of 9:50.07 at the Hoka HP meet. Fly, Alex!

Megan Rolland: Megan put on a clinic over the last 3 years on how to be a dedicated athlete. And whoa, has she been seeing results! This woman has PR’d in all of her distances this year, including a smoking 9:36.88 steeple. Longest legs in the biz.

Marisa Howard: one of our Idaho birds, a hard worker with an aerobic engine. She ran 9:37.84 to qualify for the steeple.

Collier Lawrence: half of our magical Lawrence sisters, and 3rd OG. Watch for Collier’s powerful water jump, and her unflappable racing presence. (9:50.47 seed time).

Mel Lawrence: other half of Lawrence sisters. Mel fought through years of injuries to finally PR in the steeple (after 7 years) with a time of 9:36.55. Oiselle’s OT emblem of perseverance and grace. Go, Mel!



Women's 20K Race Walk (final): 9:01am, Salem, OR - Maria Michta

Women's 800m (first round): 4:45pm - Kate Grace, Lauren Wallace & Dom Jackson

Women's 10k: 11:04am - Stephanie Bruce
Women's 800m (semi-final): 11:43am - Kate Grace

Women's 1500m Masters Exhibition: Jen St. Jean & Donna Mills

Women's 3k Steeple (first rounds): 4:03pm - Shalaya Kipp, Jamie Cheever, Mel Lawrence, Megan Rolland, Marisa Howard, Collier Lawrence, & Alex Wilson
Women's 800m (final): 5:42pm - Kate, Lauren & Dom

Women's Hammer: 1:00pm - Britney Henry
Women's Hammer (final): 3:00pm - Britney Henry

Women's 1500m (first rounds): 6:26pm - Rebecca Tracy
Women's 3k Steeple (final): 7:48pm - Shalaya, Jamie, Mel, Megan, Marisa, Collier, & Alex

Women's 1500m (semi-finals): 5:03pm - Rebecca

Women's 1500m (finals): 5:00pm 

U.S. Track and Field Trials Track and Field Broadcast Schedule via NBC

These are our fierce competitors. We are honored to have each of them represent Oiselle at the 2016 Totally Trials! We love you all and we will see you in Track Town!



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