I first met Sally at the 2016 Kara Goucher Podium Retreat in Tucson, AZ. Sally’s presentation at the retreat absolutely resonated with me. The last planned event during the last day of the retreat was a “Circle of Sisterhood”. Kara asked each one of us define and share our “intention” for the coming year.

The women attending the retreat went on to share amazing goals and intentions. When my turn to share came, I shared my simple intention: To create and have more “sisterhood” in my life. I wanted to have more of what Sally had talked about in her presentation. I wanted to have more of the amazing sisterhood I had experienced during the four-day life-changing retreat! And I did!


In the past two years I have greatly expanded ways in which to connect with other women in many areas of my life. One of the first ways in which I created more sisterhood in my life was by joining Oiselle Volée just a few months after the retreat. What an amazing community of powerful women!

I have made so many truly special connections through Oiselle Volée! It goes well beyond the super awesome clothes, designs, and fabrics! Ahhhh, the power of that Oiselle Volée singlet/bra! I am so inspired by the amazing women of Oiselle Volée! I love that the community is inclusive of all women! There is such power when women come together, to support each other! Together, we can effect change! Sally, Lesko, and everyone at Oiselle… thanks for providing the opportunity for women to come to connect, come together, and change the world!

Head Up. Wings Out!

Dr. Anabelle Broadbent


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