If there is one reason I get excited for Fall, it is breaking out the Wazzie Wool. Wazzie Wool is 93% Merino Wool and 7% spandex which means it keeps you warm, but at the same time wicks sweat away. Not hot boxing myself in my long sleeve is a very big deal. Trying to find a long sleeve that is fitted, but not constricting, let’s the steam and sweat off but keeps your core temperature right in the sweet spot, is really hard to do but the Wazzie Wool base layer nails it. Also, and I am sure all the tall/long torso’d ladies can agree, finding a long sleeve that fits both ways (length and width) can be downright impossible. But the Wazzie Wool fits my incredibly long torso (without being way too long for my shorter birds!) and stays put. In essence, I pretty much want it to be cold all the time just so I can wear it. ​

This base layer is great for crushing a cold early morning run. It would also work great for skiing/snowboarding/mountain activities. I also think the simply straight forward design is good to go to the street. It is a great layering piece under a Vim or Vigor, or after the run under a nice puffy vest! The only time I shy away from the Wazzie Wool is in the pouring rain. It still works great but the wool also tends to take on water and might be down to your knees by the end of your run. So if you do wear it in the rain, make sure you are rocking a good top layer!

When I put it on, I feel absolutely ready to take on the elements. In fact, I think I need to go order it in every color​. ​



October 31, 2016 — jbarnard

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