The human body is a work of art. It is the most complex machine and the most beautiful work of art on the planet. We push it, challenge it, work it, and master it for sport— but it’s important to also appreciate it, respect it, revel it, and celebrate it.

You know that power you can feel when your muscles pulse in exertion?
You know that feeling when you’re so sore that you’re made aware of every muscle with the weight of each step?
You know that sensation of full, rhythmic, confident breathe filling your lungs with air?
You know that invigorating exhaustion of a job well done?

Our bodies are the greatest masterpiece.

High school is when I fell in love with art, and ever since art has been a way of capturing the world around me. It wasn’t until college though that being an athlete really became part of my identity. But as my pursuit of the sport and appreciation for the body grew, so did my desire to capture it. My favorite class that I took in college was a figure drawing and anatomy class which was co-taught by a biology professor and an art professor. It took my fascination and appreciation of the human body to another level! The bone structure, the muscles pushing and pulling, the tendons connecting it all— as athletes we get to feel and appreciate all of this at work. Our awareness is heightened. Our appreciation is magnified. And as an artist, I get to capture it.


Drawing and painting myself has challenged me to see the depth of beauty and strength where I might otherwise pick apart surface weaknesses and imperfections. I am intentionally designed and designed without flaw. Not to say that I’m flawless— trust me, I’m not!! 

I’m no mistake. 

My body is purposeful.
It is capable.
It is strong. 

And within it lies potential. Great potential.

It’s through this study of art that I get to capture that and be reminded of the beautiful potential that lies within. This style of ink painting that I do is built up in layers, washes, and with each layer I am forced to see another contour of the body. Every muscle definition, every curve, every contortion shown through light and color.

I’ve had so much fun capturing my Haute Volée teammates in action! What an INCREDIBLE group of women! We are all different and yet we are all exactly what we are supposed to be. We are built for greatness. I am constantly inspired by these women!


By their dedication.
By their perseverance.
By their passion.
By their desire.

They are beautiful, strong, inspiring, and great. And I get to capture that and share it!

Keep your eye out as some of Bethany's finished products start trickling out into the world. You can see some of them on her Instagram here!


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