First thing's first: TRACK TRIO is back! Purchase any bra + any top + any bottom, and celebrate with 20% off! And what better time than now, with the days getting longer, and the goals getting closer!

It's also a good time to share and compare our new spring tops. No matter your climate, your body temp, or your personal style, there's something here for everyone. Best of all, this season brings more of our favorite thing: fabulous, soft, high performing, and beautiful fabrics. Fabrics that might look delicate, but are ready to go the distance, any distance!


Flyte Tank // Summer Lux Racerback Tank // Flyout Wool Tank

The racerback isn't just for racing. But it's definitely that go-to style for being wings out, with full mobility, and the ability to stay cool. New to the line-up are LIGHTWEIGHT LUX, a featherweight version of our favorite Classic Lux that - hard to believe - is even softer. And if you haven't had a chance to try FLYOUT WOOL, this tank will show you its magic. Don't let the wool ingredient fool you... this is among our lightest, and most powerful fabrics in terms of wicking sweat. A sister fabric to our original FLYOUT, it's been called pure magic.


Flyout Short Sleeve // Summer Lux Tank // Kara Tank

Our original FLYOUT fabric is a beautiful workhorse. With a texture that shows you its performance, you can literally see how it works, moving sweat from the surface of yoru body into cooling cells above where it evaporates. And please meet the new PLYA KNIT HOLE PUNCH in the Kara Tank. Stretchy, perforated (but not sheer), and in a gentle A-line, it's got both cooling abilities as well as body to the fabric that moves with (and for) you.


Flyte Long Sleeve // Striped Mile One Pullover // Big Stripe Long Sleeve

Spring is all about transitions, from cold to warm - and back again. Long sleeves for running are an art form. They help you get out the door, during transitional spring days, but also keep you dry, even when you get rolling. All of our knits, from the Flyte to Small and Big Stripe, these styles were designed to ease you back into the outdoors.


Head Up Wings Out Long Sleeve // Business Class Hoodie // Field Day Cardigan

As much as we love to run, the reality is our bodies spend a lot more time recovering. And it's here where we can recover in comfort and style. From all of our design-forward graphic tees in our new Tee-Lux fabric, to the Business Class looped back terry, and ultra-soft cotton fleeces, we know rest must be in balance with work.


Passport Tank // Tortoise Tank // Rabbit Tank

There's a style we call the "triple threat," and that means it can go seamlessly from travel to work to workout - and hold its own at every stop. Here's to moving. Here's to movement. And high performing styles that do it all. From the instant-classic of the Moody Floral to the custom jacquard in this year's Rabbit and Tortoise, these designs can be as fancy - or fierce - as you want them to be.




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