What do women want? Pockets.

What do women runners want? Really awesome pockets.

Women we see you. We share your pocket passion…


But what about running pockets? Pockets that need to do more than hang like a hammock inside a loose garment. Because as we know that won’t fly well – over the many, many miles.

In fact, there’s an art and science to the running pocket. And it can be broken down into four elements: size, placement, materials, construction.

Size. Pocket capacity – it matters! And not all pockets are created equal. We need a big pocket because we got big plans and big miles, and dammit if these phones aren’t turning into laptops. Look for a big wide pocket opening, as well as the less celebrated – but even more important – size of the pocket bag or interior space of the pocket.

Placement. Of course a pocket can (and should!) go anywhere. I mean, ankle pockets, why not? Pocket on a small running hat – yep, we got one. But there is only one area on your body that is THE best place for running AND carrying your things. Your right-above-the-butt, lower-back, waistband-area. We could call it the haunch, but should we…?

Long run and tread mill testing shows that the low back, above butt area (either center back, or either side) is the best location because you’ll experience the least amount of bounce or irritation, and it’s convenient to reach – such as with fueling. Side leg pockets are also popular, but we have found those are better for either shorter distances or to-fro-and-coffee-go moments.

Materials. Compression fabrics, such as Nyelle™ or Plya™ Compression are best! The heavier fabrics, including spandex, hold the contents of the pocket securely to your body, reducing bounce and movement.

Construction. Sometimes you need a zipper and sometimes you don’t. Overall, we like them because, unlike yoga which – are pockets needed? – runners are on the move and covering ground. A zipper pocket, with a locking slider that doesn’t bounce, is the ideal. That way keys and phones and doodads won’t fall out.

This Spring, we’ve pocketed up!

Here are just a few of the Oiselle pocketed bottoms that serve the need of running and carrying things the best. They have been tested over all the distances – from easy runs to ultra treks. From slow jogs to sprints and walks and hikes.

As always we are here to serve… New tagline? Giving women the pockets they want since 2007.


pocket_jogger_capris_big_blue_s.jpgPOCKET JOGGER CAPRIS

long_pocket_jogger.jpgLONG POCKET JOGGER SHORTS

hawkeye_running_tights_black.jpgHAWKEYE 3/4 TIGHTS



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