We've all had that feeling, that ache in the depths of our heart where we can't help but stop to compare, and where we worry we will never be good enough, and that we aren't enough.

You get tired of seeing everyone's perfections in your imperfections, and what you don't have, and that makes you mad and it doesn't make us bad, it’s just how we try to get through.

No matter what there's always going to be hate on you and on me, and it doesn't help that the roots of our country have told us a divide, strangling us, and making us want to hide.

And it doesn't help that social media tells us what we should look and act like. And it's where so many people have been separated just because of what they look like.

What if we could just wipe our eyes of all the battles of hate and maybe then we could change our population's fate? What if when you looked in the mirror your vision cleared and what you saw was how beautiful your imperfections are.

So throw all that us and them crap out of the window. Take a stand grab each other's hands.

Love, just love. Love yourself so you can love others, so that the long wall dividing us all can come crashing down and finally unite us. Because in the United States we are rarely united.

But when we see a wrong that doesn't belong we see it together and we have to try to do better

Because it's crazy to me as a thirteen-year-old I see my country’s leader making different looking people stand a meter apart, and to see my country’s leader making woman feel like we're just for show. Or all that matters is my looks and not how I read my books.

So we can all do better and we all have to do better. And we will, we sure as hell will. Because every day when I look into a lot of determined eyes wanting change I know we can.

If we stand together we can make a difference together.


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March 06, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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