March is here! International Women’s Day is next week! And we’re officially hooked on hearing women tell their stories. As our friend Amanda Steurmer likes to say, “I’m addicted to inspiration,” with a constant need for not only stories, but connection – through life and sport!


As a continuation of the celebration of “story,” we worked with Lauren Fleshman – a leading runner-writer, and founder of the Wilder Running & Writing Retreats – to come up with some good writing prompts for the month of March.

And thus our #RunReadWrite party is starting – and everyone’s invited!

Here’s how it will work:

  • Every week during March, we’ll post one of Lauren’s carefully selected 5-minute writing prompts (see guidance below).
  • Post your writing on Instagram
  • Tag the writing with #RunReadWrite and @oiselle (so we can all follow along)
  • Read and share each other’s stories!


Words from Lauren: 

“Set your timer for 5 minutes for each prompt. Write without stopping. First things that come to mind. Just keep the pen moving. Don’t edit, don’t search for the perfect word. Just write the truest thing. You can always burn it afterwards if you want :). If you find yourself really into something good, and you’re feeling it, you can keep going. OR you can leave it will then be easy to pick up where you left off if you’ve left breadcrumbs. You can develop any of these prompts later. For now, just write!”


Here we go!

Week One from March 3rd to March 10th, our 5 minute prompt is:

"Beneath my feet…"

Week Two from March 12th to March 17th:

“I’m Here Because…”

Week Three from March 18th to March 24th:

"Would you believe me if I told you..."

Week Four from March 25th to March 31th:

"I remember..."

We can't wait to read your words and stories... head up, pens out!



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