The Onna Print is a hand drawn pattern created exclusively for Oiselle by Brooklyn Artist Caitlin Foster. Her work is incredible, and we're thrilled to collaborate with her on two patterns this year. (For the other, you'll have to wait until Fall 18!)


What we love the most about Onna, is that it's also one of those unique patterns that has life and depth to it. That shares itself, but doesn't give it all away at once. It draws you in.

When you see certain prints, do they transport you?

For me, there are definitely times when a print is more than a print.

When it takes me back to art history class in college, when I learned to do more than observe art, but to really see it. To understand the fundamental principles of visual language: size, depth, color, pattern, proportion, and placement.


When it elicits a midnight sky. Are you lucky enough to live somewhere far enough away from city lights to see stars and planets and the occasional satellite streaming by? My memories of the sky above Yosemite live in this print... so many stars they can't fit in your vision.

When it takes the beauty of black (what Renoir called "the queen of all colors") and ups the ante. From a design and style standpoint, this print plus ANY color is a winning combo. It instantly adds depth and texture - while still providing that beautiful neutral.

When it's in motion on strong athlete women. Like all of our Spandos this season, Onna Print is ready to fly in four favorite silhouettes: racerback bra, mini shorts, longer shorts, and capri. All with the signature Spandos back panel. (As with all Spandos, they are made in single production runs, so if you love Onna, get it).



Thank you Caitlin for working with us and sharing your art. It is truly of the stars!



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