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As Lauren Fleshman noted "Kind of beautiful together".  – Thanks to everyone who shared their ten word run love story.

  1. She first knew what she meant to herself running alone.
  2. It is still mine the feeling of flight so fly.
  3. My favorite reflection is always my running shadow stretched ahead.
  4. I can’t quit you even when you break my heart.
  5. It was the first time I ever truly felt alive.
  6. The road was the first to whisper “you are enough”
  7. Outta my league? No. I wanted you. You were mine.
  8. Turn off your mind. Feel the grind. You only have time.  
  9. Growing. Overcoming. Becoming. Discovering a better me, mile by mile.
  10. Time on the road made her better in every way.
  11. My squad believed in me so I believed in me.
  12. Laced Up. Pound the pavement. All my cares Fade Away.
  13. The “real me” is on the far side of 26.2.
  14. She ran until running became a part of her soul.
  15. Stepping into her running shoes makes her feel more alive.
  16. I can overcome my doubts, physical limitations, and feel strong
  17. She found continuous growth even though it wasn’t perfectly linear
  18. Lacing up and letting go, the world’s pressures melt away.
  19. Quiet bird, running into the light. Watch how I’ll shine.
  20. With every step her confidence grew, joy filled her heart.
  21. Running gave me the freedom and courage to be me.
  22. No judgements/You take me as I am/Every mile.
  23. It is here, between the steps, that I found home
  24. Her wild heart. Led her running shoes. And she healed.
  25. With every step, her mind let go of society’s chatter.
  26. I gave up on life. Then each mile saved me.
  27. Deena, Kara, Shalane, and Molly. Heroes who drive me higher.
  28. It is how I write a book... About being me.
  29. Breathless under a dark sky, heart pounding, finding myself here
  30. When she found her stride, she truly found her strength.
  31. Success, you big flirt, I’m falling for you
  32. And so we run, 4 paws 2 feet. Together always.
  33. My feet. My legs. My soul. The road ahead. Open.
  34. First mile pains Mid-run, mind battles Final mile joy
  35. On a long run I achieve my deepest of breaths
  36. The greatest barrier she broke was not physical, but mental
  37. A moment of clarity Amidst the chaos, Mile. After. Mile.
  38. Freedom by pushing myself to the limits of my ability.
  39. I ran and discovered who I was meant to be.
  40. I don’t hate you a bit, not even at all.
  41. Shoes laced Feet to pavement Anger, fear melt into fierceness
  42. Running allows me to see, explore and experience nature's beauty.
  43. I make war with the road, and peace with myself.
  44. Enthralled by the tap of my footfalls ; my dream calls.
  45. Work hard, but keep it fun; always love the run.
  46. In those moments she knew she could do difficult things.
  47. Get out the door breathe in, out steps of thankfulness
  48. The rush of feeling fast. I can run. Even fly.
  49. She never knew she was lost until she found herself running.
  50. Step by step, she took her body back from them.
  51. Thought-less, I can think Breathless, I can breathe Exhausted, renewed.
  52. When there was nothing else, there was the open road.
  53. They said it would be fun. It has been more.
  54. Silence allowed her to see life clearly through salty sweat.
  55. Run toward your purpose, and trust you will get there.

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