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Story Behind The Style: New Blackbird Crop

Story Behind The Style: New Blackbird Crop

May 10, 2018



The crop. It’s more than a sports bra. but more minimal than a tank top. It’s supportive. It’s versatile. It’s extremely fast and dangerous. It’s ready to fly. For many women, it’s their powersuit.

For us, its origin is in our elite kit. The style we designed to fly with the fastest birds. Lauren Fleshman. Kara Goucher. The Haute Volée. But what we know is that fierce isn't limited to fast. Fierce is a feeling. And the crop is the ideal style to help you channel your strongest, most badass self.

We needed a crop for all. And here it is. Made from our most premium poly-spandex knit from Italy. It’s got stretch and coverage, but also power. Women up to D and DD report feeling supported by the crop. The longer body length, plus the power stretch liner and the removable cups make this the all-in-one race top that’s ready to get going, and get strong - out on the roads, track, or trail.

Oiselle's crop has gone through a great evolution over the years, and we welcome the Blackbird to our crop family!



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