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Our first Podium Project is kicking off road relay season and hitting the streets this Friday!

Meet all the incredible members of Birdmachine Cape Cod that will be working together as they chase a top-three finish.



FAYE HELLMAN: A budding child actor at the young age of 9, she encouraged children around the world to wear a helmet in a televised Public Service Announcement. Although her bike safety performance didn’t launch into a lifelong acting career, she turned her talents to the track and is now the master of fast and flat. Her goal? Take down every single runner in sight. No sympathy.

JULIA BEZGIN: She’s tough, she’s strong, her debut race was a 50 miler - her longest run by 40 miles. Nothing phases Julia. Absolutely nothing.

REBECCA TRASCHEL: Coming in as a steady, yet fast presence, Rebecca has the power to turn the things she hates into the things she loves the most (i.e avocados). A remarkable talent. Cheer her on during her final, and hardest leg. As she stated herself, she “saved the best for last”

SOPHIA DAHAB: The one, the only, Sophiaaaaa Dahab! Yep, that’s right, special collections librarian extraordinaire will be running for Birdmachine Cape Cod. She’s thrives under pressure, and has a fountain of knowledge so large it may drown opponents.

NICOLE FREEMAN: Usually seen in a blur of speed wearing a black Oiselle singlet, and rocking amazing arm tattoos. Her list of skills includes: rate of peanut butter consumption, speed on downhills while really hydrated, speed on downhills while not so hydrated, and legs up on the wall.

REBECCA MCCOWEN: You may have seen her on the Oiselle website modeling tights and an assortment of tanks, but she is more than her photogenic, e-commerce legs. Rebecca is setting off to be the team’s steady Eddy, never getting more than 3 seconds outside of her goal pace.

ALISON HESLIN: Master of sleep deprivation after completing six long and hard years of grad school. She is running this relay like a boss, while running for Congress…also like a boss. Her natural ability to run forever will be tested in this grand display of endurance.

CAITLIN CAMPBELL: Also known as Cheez Its number one customer. She labels herself as THE hype woman. With 3 relays under her belt, Caitlin is a seasoned veteran, fully prepared for all the challenges that lay ahead…As long as there are Cheez Its in stock.

MEGAN FOSTER: Eats hills for breakfast. Megan is currently counting down the exact hours, minutes, and seconds, until she gets to take on the hilliest leg of the Cape Cod relay. Direct quote: “I’d be insulted if it was assigned to anyone else”.

CATE BARRET: A runner with such a tightly packed fitness calendar including gym classes, and bike rides, it intimidates even her highest mileage friends. Assigned some of the longest segments on the course, Cate is ready to relentlessly chase down any sign of competition; any ponytail, any man, any dog that may be off leash and nearby. 

COLLEEN MOOREMAN: Not only does she love opening up and rolling on downhills, Colleen is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, making any possible communication barriers crumble. She may or may not be spotted eating her race fuel of choice: ice-cream.

JESS BARNARD: You may know her as the Oiselle Social Media queen, but this weekend she will play the role of Middle Distance/Low-Mileage Queen who just wants to go fast. With her skill set, we plan on seeing many van Dubsmashes, ridiculous boomerangs, and epic kicks to run down the comp.

ANIA KOZLOWSKA: Crew member Ania describes herself as  “the super organized immigrant mother you never had.” She is ready to fill super cute binders with ALL of the information needed and will force feed any runners if they pause long enough to let her.

JOAN BAKER: Second on the crew team, Joan is an under the radar, un-Googeable woman (an impressive feat in itselft), yet her cowbelling capabilities are quite the opposite. She cheers so loudly and intensely the only thing that can drown out her screaming from the van window is the highest quality noise canceling headphones.

CHRISTINE HORNBY: Another essential crew member, Christine has an undergrad in chemistry, 17 years of experience as a police officer, a six month old baby, and a passion for hockey. She is the well-rounded crew member every successful relay team needs.

ASHLEY REASEY: Rounding out the crew team, Ashley (aka Peanut) is the injury prone crew member who will channel her energy that is usually put towards running, towards tackling any problems that may arise on the road. Her biggest fear of the race? Not being able to keep up with the team because they are too fast. Even for the van. 

To follow along with Birdmachine Cape Cod and cowbell from afar, follow the Podium Project Twitter and #birdmachineCC - Also keep an eye out for updates on our Instagram Story!


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