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First of all, let's be honest​... ​​​you're sore. It's Boston and it's almost impossible to walk away from that race without fearing squatting down to go to the bathroom this week. Don't worry​,​ ​it's normal.​ Here's some advice on how ​I​ try to recover from the marathon.


  1. Pa​t​ yourself on the butt or back or wherever you can reach. You just accomplished an amazing feat and regardless of the time and outcome, ​BE PROUD.
  2. Next​, plan a vacation... ideally if you can. If even it's what the cool kids call a stay​-cation make some time for ​you. ​Relax and veg out, ​try ​not run​ning​ or think​ing​ about running.
  3. Actually recover. I typically don't run for 2-3 weeks post marathon. ​No running​ at all​.​ ​Seriously. No sweating unless it's outside laying by a pool. The first few days post race I might "jog" 10-15 minutes just to help with the soreness and then it's warm epsom salt baths, lots of liquids, and lots of food. Food and drink are your friend​s​ here and you'll want to consume as much as you can this week to replenish ​your depleted​ energy stores from​ the race.

So​, simple as that,​ th​ere's your recovery plan. No magic tricks​.​ ​J​ust take it day by day and after your break, plot your next 26.2 adventure​.​.. ​M​uhaha​!

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