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It’s a beautiful thing. We have over 1,000(!) Volée meet ups per year. We have a crew of power people who come up with some really interesting and creative team shenanigans. Some groups host Saturday morning coffee gatherings. Run before hand, or don’t run at all, but just come hang out and chat with a group of old friends and new. Others meet for workouts followed by brunch or happy hours.


We touched base with Kara to hear her thoughts on our growing Volée community.


“It’s been awesome to watch the Oiselle team grow, not just from a few pockets in Seattle but far beyond. It has been amazing to connect with so many and I feel so much heart swell when I see the Minnesota Volee. I feel such a connection to the women repping my home state!”

So, we decided to reach out to Kara’s home girls, the Oiselle women of Minnesota, and see what their typical *Tuesday* Night Flight Club looked like.

“We meet every other week at various spots around the Minneapolis / St. Paul area to run and then eat dinner after. This week's Tuesday Night Flight Club took place in Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, and was followed by dinner and drinks at Sea Salt, a counter service fish market in the park.”Tracy Hirigoyen 


VIP peeps include: the one and only Jungle Chicken and Haute Volée Jamie Cheever. Take a scroll through and see how a Minnesota meet up is done, and hear more from the team on their flyest Oiselle powersuit picks.






LAURA MOFFETT - Joined September 2014

mpls-oiselle-volee-0019.jpg(second from left)

“It's been amazing to be a part of a team that is so supportive, encouraging and accepting. I leave every interaction with our large group or even 1 other bird feeling empowered and like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!”

Rocking the Lesley Tights: “I love my Lesley tights, they make me feel fast and unstoppable! Any O gear really makes me feel that way. Putting on my powersuit is a reminder of what the brand stands for, and knowing that there is a group of women behind me encouraging and supporting me.”

MARY BOHL - Joined April 2016


“This team is amazingness. It’s inspiring. It pushes me out of my comfort zone a little and helps me grow.”

Rocking the Toolbelt Rogas, Go tank, and Aero Jacket: “This outfit is fierce yet fun. Everything I look for in running a chance to push myself and be a badass yet remebering to smile and enjoy the journey!”

ALICIA KROPELNICKI - Joined April 2016


“I’ve found an amazing community of women who are super supportive and I've made some great friendships out of it. I went to camp last year not knowing anyone and left feeling so connected to everyone. I honestly can't say enough great things about everyone on the team. Getting together with everyone is always a highlight for me and I always leave feeling super happy and centered even when things are crazy at home.”

Rocking the Aero Capris and Volée ¾ Crop Top:This outfit makes me feel super confident and keeps the team with me when I need to dig deep for hard workouts. I have struggled with body image since I had my son 4 years ago and running in the 3/4 top represents not only power but accepting my body and all the amazing things it has done in the last 4 years.” 

ALI JOHNSON - Joined July 2015


“I joined the summer after my first child was born when I was looking for a running community to be a part of that could not only keep me accountable but also inspire me to be better. This team has been invaluable to the progress I have made as a runner over the last two years. I've run more miles than I ever have in my life, I'm stronger and faster than I ever thought I could be. And, on top of this, I have met so many strong, supportive and just plain badass fellow mother runners that provide constant encouragement and inspiration that keeps me pushing myself further!”

Rocking the Roga Shorts and Flyte Long Sleeve: “Roga shorts are my go-to shorts. I've run thousands of miles in these shorts ranging from everyday training runs to marathons. These shorts fit my body like a glove, and hello, they have pockets! Now that I am 24 weeks pregnant, I am still wearing these for every run - they give me a sense of normalcy, and makes me feel strong and fierce. The Flyte tops are also the best maternity wear ever - stretchy and again, make me feel like my normal self!”

MOLLIE GABRYS-LAKE - Joined 3 nights ago!

mpls-oiselle-volee-0018.jpg(second from right)

“Running with a team is a new experience for me.  I've been a solo runner for a number of years, and am so excited to be a part of team of strong and supportive women.”

JAMIE CHEEVER - Joined back in the beginning! 


“I have really enjoyed getting to know other women who love running and have values that align with Oiselle.  Members are so supportive and authentically excited for one another.  I get to learn about grown up life from women who have careers, kids, houses, and partners (aka have their shit together).”  

Rocking the Haute Volée kit: “My race kit makes me feel powerful because of its connection to the other badass Oiselle women racing with me, and because a satisfying race makes me feel fit, accomplished, and strong.”

mpls-oiselle-volee-0010.jpgPhotos by: Michael Lake

Okay, you heard from the people of Minnesota, and the FOMO is real. Check in with us tomorrow for an update from our DC Volée. Head up, wings out!


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