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Photoshoots are all "bring my coconut water" glamour! Okay, anyone who's worked one knows that's not true. But with the right team they are just as much fun as they are work. And lucky for us, our team is killah. Katie is all logistics, hauling every look in and making sure we shoot every single style from every angle imaginable. Jacquelyn is sneaking peeks via social media while keeping her eye on the details and fussing with the models. And I direct. I've done all the supporting roles (lots of hauling in my past) and even attempted to model, but directing is my favorite role thus far. With Sally we pair outfits and imagine poses, make lots of Pinterest boards and decide on hair and makeup. Then I get to give direction like "look up, but not that far!" "no, no, turn with your hips not your shoulders" and "magic, dahlin, MAGIC". You know, all that jazz. 




We use our athletes as models as much as possible. Not only for authenticity, but because there's no one better in the biz. We want all the muscles! We often shoot sample size, which certainly puts parameters around what size the models are. One of the main reasons you see the #flystyle gallery is because we wanted to show what the styles look like on all kinds of bodies. There is no one "runner body" or "athlete body" and thank you for submitting your photos! 

We're proud to introduce you to our models this season. 


Liz, aka Pink Feathers, is a full time muscian. She has released solo recordings under the pseudonym Pink Feathers and also tours supporting RAC. In fact, Liz will be playing Coachella this spring! She hails from Portland Oregon. And isn't just a talented musician, she's also a sub 3:00 marathoner! 

Height: 5'7"

Top: small/4

Bottom: small/4

Can be seen modeling the KC Knickers in Punch Koolhaas and Oiselle Logo Tee among other spring 2015 styles.









morgan_0.jpgMorgan, aka speedster, is a Palm Springs native living in SoCal. Sally and team scouted her moving blocks for the sprinters as USATF Outdoor Championships last summer. You can't help but take notice of Morgan with her huge smile, boundless energy and, well, ripped bod. She's a sprinter with a 200m PR of 23.9. You'll find her modeling the Flyte Shorts in Punch and Birds of a Feather Long Sleeve in Rosy along with many other styles. 

Height: 5'7"

Top: small/4

Bottom: small/4










Meghan, aka endurotwerd, has modeled for us quite a few seasons. She lives right up the road in Bellingham WA and blogs at Meghan's Wanderings. She's run a handful of marathons, including Boston twice, but is focusing on the 5k this spring. She's a fastie and we're excited to see what the season brings her. She's often mistaken for another runner on Oiselle's team, Kara Goucher. The two both modeled swim in Palm Springs last spring and it's true even in person they are dopplegangers. 

Height: 5'7"

Top: small/4

Bottom: xs/2










Monika, aka the dancer, is a favorite to work with. She's not a runner, but rather a dancer and she's got the muscles to prove it. She brings huge energy and enviable hair to every shoot! You'll see her modeling Bird Machine Tank along with other styles. 

Height: 5'7"

Top: small/4

Bottom: medium/6












Jacquelyn, aka JJ, is not only Oiselle's social media and content marketing maven, but a strong runner with a sub 1:30 half marathon PR. You'll find her modeling bras and various other styles this spring. 

Height: 5'6"

Top: small/4

Bottom: xs/2













You'll also see appearances by other Oiselle athletes including Heather, the voice of, Lauren Fleshman, badass 5k runner, mama, business owner, guitar super star... all around Oiselle muse plus the classic beauty, Kate Grace, who burns up the track with a sub 2:00 800m PR. 

February 04, 2015 — sarah

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