Prior to working at Oiselle I had zero retail experience outside of working at bookstores or the stock rooms at Pottery Barn and DSW. Damn. My early twenties. I don’t miss them one bit. Lol! The struggle is literally real when you finally decide to leave your parents' home and financial security. Your goals and that young ego are quickly placed in check in the real world.

But back to clothes. The stories of my youth will have to wait for another day. So, clothes. Clothes and styling were never really my thing. In fact, outside of shopping for shoes or accessories I was just never that intrigued. But that all changed when I started working at Oiselle and saw how much joy I found helping women find clothing that made them smile. Clothes that made them pop their shoulders back and stand a little taller, prouder, and all around more confident. It’s still my absolute favorite part of my job.

Clothes should inspire freedom, comfort and confidence. Confidence. It lives within us in various forms. With that said, it's important to know thyself. Knowing and embracing certain things about ourselves vs. trying to change them goes a long way when it comes to finding said confidence.

Like will I ever have the confidence to wear leather pants like Sheryl Crow did in her Favorite Mistake video? Probably not. And who could forget JLo’s Versace dress that literally broke the internet. Yeah. JLo. We all can’t be JLo. But that’s okay because I’m more of a Chrissy Teigen kinda gal. We’re both members of the #tinybootyclub. Lol! What? I’m not throwing shade. I fully embrace my tiny booty. Chrissy just made it hella funny and cute. I mean just look at this post. That woman cracks me up. Get it, mama!

So let’s talk comfort and confidence. I feel like those two characteristics go hand in hand. Here are three super easy beginner tips to get the most out of your next shopping adventure.

Start with your favorite colors:
If you love black, own it. If you wanna embrace a little more color, go for it, but start small. Start with a playful or colorful tank or shirt. Tops are usually more affordable and easy to accessorize. Plus you can always layer it should you have a change of heart. Do skip those bright or wild print bottoms. Trust me. That’s not the best way to break into color. They will just sit in your closet and every time you see them they’ll remind you of someone you’re not. No one needs that kind of judgement in their own home.

Focus on your favorite physical features:
If you love your legs, go for that perfect hem line. Pick your sweet spot when it comes to either shorts or tights. For example, I love me a ¾-length tight. Showing a little ankle gives my petite frame a little added height. The perfect hem-line makes all the difference. Good thing we offer a variety of lengths both in shorts and tights.

Be playful;
Always, always keep an open mind and have a little fun. If you’re in a store and the return policy is generous be open to trying something outside your comfort zone. Keep that creative and playful spirit alive. No one says you have to buy it. And last but not least, you should always feel fabulous. Whatever you purchase, you should love it or it doesn’t belong in your cart or shopping bag. I don’t care if it’s 75% off. You have to love it!

Happy shopping, friends!

Alisoune Lee
Tagged: #AskBrenda