I lead a running group every Wednesday night in Seattle with Sassy Fit. I didn't exactly know what to expect the first night, would everyone be super different paces? Would some people need to walk? What would the dynamic be like? I'm happy to report it's been really fun! The first night had about 11 ladies come out to run a 3 mile loop. Afterwards, I lead them through their first plyometric running drills. No one had ever done them before. Which was fun, because they were excited about learning the whole "why?" behind them.(Rather than groaning at high knees)

Now the group is right around 8 ladies. They are all very close in pace and all striving to get faster.

Last night Oiselle sponsored the group run, so I brought in a box of samples for the runners to look through and pick out some new running clothes. Holy feeding frenzy! Everyone get out alive, barely. Then we went off to run our 3 mile loop. I don't know if it was the competition of the sample grabbing or the threat of a rare Seattle snowstorm in the air, but these girls hit the pavement on a mission. Definitely the speediest loop we've done.

Sassy Fit Running Club

- Sassy Runners! You can't see the snow, but it was coming down -

Deana Rocking Her New Oiselle

-Deana rocking her new Oiselle gear -

Not to end this on a sappy note, but last night as I packed up the Oiselle samples after an awesome run with fun group of ladies learning to love the run I felt this rush of happiness.  I find myself in a life where I'm surrounded by ... passion. Running, a sport I've known and loved my whole life long, found me again. Basically everyday I get to do exactly what my 6th grade self would have wanted for me. And trust me, I know that's a rarity to be appreciated. :)


If you're in Seattle you're welcome to join us! It's free. Email or comment and I'll get you the details.

So tell me about you. Do you run with a group? Or are you a lone wolf? Dabble in a little of both?

February 24, 2011 — sarah

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