I start every holiday season with a hefty dose of procrastination followed by a steady stream of mini panic attacks. Yes *hangs head* I'm a procrastinator. And while I wasn't raised in a particularly Christian home, Christmas - with the tree, the advent calendar, the trimmings - was part of our family deal. I like to kid my Dad that he's a religion-dabbler...raised Lutheran, enamored with Catholicism, lover of all things Yiddish, and on it goes. My lesson was that, no matter the leanings - religious or not - isn't it a great time of year to celebrate friends and family? 

And, well, now that it's mid-December, time for some mini panic attacks!

FLYSTYLE TO THE RESCUE. And getting down to the business of thoughtful gifts for the people I love.

For Mom... (it always starts with mom right?) I've got it pretty easy. Because mom loves beautiful fabrics. I learned it all from her.


When I was a kid, she had a very modest income and apartment. And yet, as a sewer (and gardener and cook), she always managed have small quantities of wonderful things. She taught me the beauty of natural fibers: cotton, wool, grosgrain ribbons, velvet trims and more. So the best thing I can do for Mom is pony up with our most premium styles! For exercise, she's either walking or riding her bike. I know she's always loved our Wazzie Wool, so I'll be gifting her the Wazzie Wool Jacquard Mile One Pullover. And she's my original teacher of the PUFF LIFE, having taken us on many backpacking trips in the Sierras. Puffy Track Jacket, go to mama!

For my sibling Michael...


Michael is 12 years younger than me, so maybe my bossy big sister ways is why they took up boxing. Michael boxes at Arcaro, the Seattle boxing gym of progressive politicians (I heart you Nikkita Oliver!), women (and non-binary fem) badass athletes, and my own 16-yo daughter. What I know from Michael is that comfort, movement, and fabrics that deal with the SWEAT is key. Michael already told me they love the Team Muscle Tank, so I'm giving them the other colors! Plus Spandos in the Rear Window Print - because fun and bright - as well as a Trackside Jacket. I feel like that jacket's got a Rocky vibe for sure.

For my daughter Bella.. She's 19 years old and about to start her second season of college track.


My goal this year is to go from being mom to being SUGAR MAMA - and send an entire box of #flystyle to the team.

Training through Oregon winters, they're going to need accessories and layers and yes - they're 19 - so a lot of micro shorts. The styling tip of "long sleeves, short shorts" comes to mind.

Flyte Long Sleeves for all!
Hi Ten Bra + Spandos Racerback Bra
Race Day Shorts
Mac Rogas
Lux and Power On Accessories

For my 16 year old Iris... She's my co-conspirator in all things snuggly.


We've been fighting over the same pair of Kara Pants for a few months, so she's going to get her own - in the Cosmos Color.

She also wore my Queen Jacket to school today, so getting her her own will be self-preservation on my part. Defensive gifting? It's a thing. Adding the Cozy Bird Hoodie and that completes the look.

She'll also be starting track in the spring - so a workout kit is needed. She loves the Flyout Shorts, and I think I'll add the Homerun Half Zip and a Flyout Short Sleeve

As far as I can tell, 16 year olds don't wear tights - so passing on that for now. 

For Dad... it's slim pickins for the bro birds, right?


But Dad was my OG supporter in starting the bird, so at the very least, I think he needs the Men's Flock Tee and the Oiselle Duffel Bag! In the spirit of Boyfriends of Oiselle, is my Dad a DOO or a FOO?! Maybe both. He's extra.

For my hubs... who I call my Blackhawk Husband because he is stealth and rejects all social media.


What he really wants is a Oiselle cycling kit. I have promised I will design him one someday. But  in the meantime, the Crest Baseball Cap is perfect for winter coverage - and repping the O!

For Hope...the receptionist at my orthodontist

She's new to the sport. She learned of Oiselle and told me how she's currently a walker, but is thinking about trying the run. "Anyone can be a runner!" I said, trying not to give off that crazed cult-member-vibe. Hope will need some basics to get started. With walking, she'll need to stay warmer, so I plan to give her my favorite Flyout Tights (high waisted + warm + two big side pockets) plus a Wazzie Wool Baselayer. You can't go wrong with this combo. Both in black, they're like the LBD of running.


Most of you know #flystyle is my love language...receiving AND giving. So if I'm in your Santa circle, best prepare yourself. This year presented an over-abundance of options, so I didn't have to try too hard. Behold, my choices (currently living unwrapped under my desk at home):

For my mom: Wazzie Wool Jacquard Half-zip. My mom's an expert knitter and seamstress (that word sounds too old-fashioned and home-makerish, but is "sewer" right?). Anyway, during her career in the Forest Service she also made a bunch of quilts, made all of my clothes and sweaters growing up, and hand-stitched my wedding dress. So whatever I get her has to be high quality. The Jacquard meets that standard and feels like a family heirloom to me. Plus the blue pattern will look amazing with her gray hair and blue eyes. Go mom! 

For my son's girlfriend: Not to be overly sentimental, but seeing your kid love someone is heart-melting. Plus it is so cool for me to have another female in the house once in awhile! (Praise hands!) I don't want to scare her though, so I won't buy her everything in the Oiselle store. I figure a yeti is just the right touch: cozy, welcoming, good for lounging, and if she doesn't like it she can pass it off to a sibling. 


For my mother in law: She's had a tough year, so I wanted to give her something positive and comfy. She's getting the Tough as Nails shirt (because she's tough as nails!) and the Kara Sweatpants...comfort + the best phone pocket in the business. 

For my sister in law: She's a tall drink of water and a great athlete. I know she'll look amazing in the Race Day Half Zip in black, which combines sport and fashion in the best possible way. So posh. 

For me: Haha you knew I couldn't resist! I've been waiting to get the Power-On Pullover and I finally did. I LOVE ME A SPOCK SHIRT! And: it's awesome. So warm (wore it at Tahoe last weekend), and I just did walk-jogs in dark rain here for 40 minutes and it is still dry on the inside. The Power On material is magic. If you live in cold climes, I think this + Vigor Vest would get you to 10 degrees, no problem. 

I could go on and on...but a more productive use of your time would just be to go the website and behold the goodness. You really can't go wrong. If you have any gift selection questions, just email in to hello@ and our expert team will be happy to help you! 

Happy gifting!! XOXO 



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