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A few months ago the Rundies were an idea that cracked us up. Sally saw her daughter's days of the week underpants and thought of what a runner's version would look like. Instead of Monday it would be Rest, Tuesday would be Track... etc. As runners we all have our weeks outlined in workouts. Especially when there is a race on the horizon. (Of course we made Race a day of the week, so post race you can celebrate all day in your rundies. Next up we'll need to make our 'podium pajamas'... but that's a story for another day.)


Last week we finally had the finished product in our hands. We simply need to roll the rundies into their packages. All 3,000 pairs. So we threw an underwear party yesterday. Oiselle's closest girlfriends came by the office to roll rundies, eat snacks (don't no crumbs are on the rundies!) and catch up.


We were laughing that not only were the undies designed by a women runner, they were hand rolled by women runners. Three of whom had even raced that morning! Authenticity! Through and through!


And today they are up on the web! Ta-da. They come as a set of 7 colorful pairs of cotton Rundies, each printed with a different workout on the bootie. Runners are different and we're glad that we have such a fabulous group of runner nerds laughing with us! (That would be you!) You keep our wheels turning.



October 03, 2011 — sarah

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