It's expo time in Oiselle world! This time I'm off to Rock 'n' Roll Denver. I'm excited to return to Colorado after going to school there 6 years ago (go rams!)

What I love most about expos is meeting women runners. It's great to get out of the office and meet the people we're creating clothing for. I love hearing about their training, goals for the race, their thoughts on the Oiselle line and everything in between!

I also love hitting up all the booths for food samples. Hello, Nuun refills all day! All this sampling can result in what Sally calls "expo tummy" which I try to avoid.

What I don't love about expos is how hard it makes running. Standing for hours. Upon hours. Thank goodness for CEP compression socks, or it would be even worse. I have been training for a half marathon for the past 9.5 weeks I'm in the last 2.5 weeks of it, and so I'll need to fit runs in pre or post expo day. That can be tough with expo and the traveling.

Luckily I just read a great blog post by Andrija*, a Oiselle team member, that outlines race travel on a budget. Lots of great tips in there for race travel but also just traveling as a runner. I'm going to follow her advice on stretching, hydration, nutrition etc during this expo weekend. She's one speedy speedster so I trust her sound runner/traveler advice.

And if you're in Denver - come say hi! I'd love to meet you!

*Andrija's Blog: | Andrija's Oiselle Profile