beth baker

HELLO, 2017!


(To be read in your best monster truck rally voice): "Laaaaadiess! Start your engines! It is officially the start New Years resolution season. Are you ready to start running?" You might be wondering exactly how to do that. Running isn't natural for some of us, so you may need some "intro to running" starter steps. It's got all the latest and greatest tips to help you get your run mojo and kick this 2017 right in the 'ol good spot. Follow these steps and this will be the last time you add "start running" to your resolution list. Because this time next year, you'll be a full blown runner. BAM!  


STEP ONE: Give yourself the gift of time. Time to learn to like it and let your body get use to it. Don't go into the New Year with the expectation that you'll be doing a half marathon in the next 4 months. You are likely to get burned out, injured, or both, hang your shoes back up, and find your place back on the couch. "Hey couch, how are you? Still super comfy I see." 

STEP TWO: Find your why! This is a big one that people often skip when they are making a goal, they skip the 'why'. Really look at why you want to run. Lose weight? Meet new people? Get outside? Be crystal clear and honest about why you want to start running and write those reasons down. If you get stuck or things get tough, you will have a list of all the reasons why you started this whole crazy thing. 

STEP THREE: Get a running calendar out and start plotting out some fun 5k's. Remember, these are milestone races, not goals. Funny thing with goals, once you reach them, sometimes you will want to just stop. Bonus tip: Ask friends* to join you in fun runs to help keep you accountable! *Ask supporitve friends. This is key! If you don't have supportive friends, add "find supportive runner friends" to your list of resolutions.

STEP FOUR: Fake it 'till you make it. Make sure you are fully layered in running gear, (*cough* Oiselle *cough*). The best way to be a runner is to dress and act like a runner. Trust me on this one, and it may sound silly. Look at yourself in the mirror, and say, "Hey, pretty runner!” Tell all your people that you are a runner. Write, "I am a runner" in your notebook, journal or a maybe a new tattoo. Make your password IamARUNNeR (but don't tell anyone your password).

Follow these steps, my sister runner friends, and you will be a runner. Remember, a runner is one who runs. Look it up! I swear! It's that simple. Feel like a runner, plan like a runner, dress like a runner, and you are a kitty cat….oops, I mean runner! Go get 'em!