One of the worst things that new runners face is injury. It puts you in “time out” until you heal, then you can go back out and play with the other runners. And while you’re in time out, you see all the other people running and smiling, almost taunting you. Jerks.

So, one way to be a good little new runner, and not get put on the sidelines early in the game, is to take care of the rest of the body that isn’t moving back and forth. Think of your body as a car. It doesn’t matter how fast, colorful or big your auto is, if your machine isn’t being tuned up and addressed, it will stop running.

How do you keep your engine going? Strengthen that core! Your core is the foundation of your legs leaving from and the power source of your stride. Core = Abs, Glutes & Back. 

Let’s keep it simple, ok? I like to work with the rule of 3’s. 


3 Exercises for Your Core

1. Planks: On your elbows for 30 seconds, two times.

2. “Super Woman”: Lie flat on your tummy and raise your arms at your shoulders, legs at your hips, straight in the air. Hold it for 15 seconds and repeat three times.

3. Upside Down Toe Touches: Lie on your back, legs straight up in the air, and try to touch your toes for one second, and then back down. Up and down, for 30 second. Then repeat two times. 

Start with that, and then you can add additional exercises.

When? I like to do core work at least 2 times a week and right after a run. I know I have to run, so I just tack it on afterwards.

Keep it up and make it a habit. It’ll lead to a healthy, happy and less injury-filled running life. Happy core, happy runner. 


jacquelyn scofield