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Run Free My Dear - A Race Day Letter to Myself

Run Free My Dear - A Race Day Letter to Myself

Nov 03, 2018



Today’s the day! The one you’ve been dreaming of for the past year, since you crossed the finish line at last year’s NYC Marathon.

Today you get to line up with the world’s best to compete for a spot on top of the podium. For the chance to wave the American flag over your head in honor. For the opportunity to prove that you’re a force. To run on the biggest stage in the world’s best city. Your city. New York City. 

And you are more than ready to rise to the challenge. You’ve endured the struggle to come back from a broken foot. Even when it seemed impossible - when everything was going wrong, when you couldn’t finish a workout, when your foot was in pain every single step - you held onto optimism that you’d be back and better eventually. 

Your unrelenting perseverance to be the best version of yourself took you around the world and back to stand on the same starting line stronger, faster, and wiser.

This athlete that you’ve become is ready for anything. And the woman you’ve become - she is greater than any performance will be.

So, run free my dear, you have nothing left to prove.


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