Do the Thing -  By Courtney (Volée Leader, Cowbell Corner Queen, toeing the line at NYC)

You have trained for months to make it to the starting line. 

You have trained for months to do the thing. 

The thing requires so much preparation. So much training.

Early mornings. Long runs. Hot runs. Rainy runs. Cold runs.

Skipping happy hours. Going to bed early. Exhaustion. Hunger. Maybe even pushing through an injury.

All to get you to the starting line so you can do the thing. 

And now. 

It is time for you to do the thing. 

It is time for you to run the marathon. 

So step up. You belong here. Take your place.

Take those nerves and use them to power you through 26.2 miles of ups and downs (often literally - hello NYC and your bridges). 

Take it all in. Embrace the pain. Take it and own it. You know it’s coming so use it. 

You are stronger than the pain. 

Look at the crowds cheering. Take it all in. Embrace the excitement. Take the energy of the crowds and own it. They are cheering for YOU.

You are stronger than the pain. You are doing the thing. 

Remember these moments. Remember that you worked to get right where you are. 

And when the finish line comes within your view - take it all in. 

You earned that medal. You did the thing. Take it all in.

Head up, wings out!

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