Kristin Metcalf


The Run for Aidan (and AGAINST Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy!)
Saturday, Aug 31 at Wilburton Park in Bellevue, Washington
The Run for Aidan story began with the dearly-loved coaching that Mitch and Mindy Leffler (Aidan’s parents) provided to Newport High School’s sizeable cross country and 
track programs from 1994 to 2006. At the news of Aidan’s diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at age three, a group of dedicated NHS XC moms spearheaded the inaugural 5k run for Aidan on the NHS home cross country course. Now in its eighth year, the purpose of the event remains to benefit Aidan’s medical care fund and to support the awesome Leffler family.Our goal this year: spread the word and double the crowd! We would love to invite anyone in the local community to come join us for this special event.
In the words of…
Mindy Leffler, long time friend of Oiselle: “I get to see all of these amazing kids, who are now adults, and all of the great things they’re doing with their lives now. And two, the run helps our family make decisions for Aidan’s care based on what we would like to do rather than what we afford."
Mitch Leffler: “Every year, when the Run for Aidan happens, it reminds me of the joy and positivity of running and being involved with other people's athletic endeavors.  Running gave so much to me in my life, and to see it continue to give to help support Aidan's journey is incredibly emotional.”   
Natty Plunkett, Event director (2011-2013), Oiselle Voleé Team member: "Gratitude for the power & positive spirit of the running community (families affected by DMD are not alone in the fight!) and for the physical capacity to move freely and, on top of that, run and race.
Run for Aidan Schedule:
8:00 am - 8:45am Registration
9:00 am: Men/Boys 5k
9:30am: Women/Girls 5k
10:15am: 1 Mile Walk           
Informal Ceremony to follow, *Bake sale*, and event T-shirt sale.
100% of the proceeds of the registration donations go to Aidan’s fund. If you cannot attend but wish to donate, please visit This site also contains the complete story of Aidan, photos, DMD info, and Aidan’s medical care fund.