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Since we’re not along for the ride to coach your pre-, during-, and post-relay “reset,” we’ve got your sore runner butt covered with #vanyoga. Jasyoga veteran Jacquelyn Komen — racing with Oiselle’s #MotherFlockers, a sweet collab between the birds and Every Mother Counts — demos simple ways to help counter some of the not-so-ideal side effects of running and sitting (crushed hip flexors, anyone?), all from the comfort of the mobile studio…

Down time in the van is a great opportunity to practice relaxing efficiently since, hey, conditions might not be ideal, but it’s the only chance you get to hit reset. Hold each pose for 5–8 deep breaths or as long as you flippin’ feel like it. Repeat.

1. Eagle Arms — Your upper back muscles aren’t just sore — they’re overstretched after your shoulders hunch forward from running and sitting. Actively pull your shoulder blades back and down to re-energize as you lift your elbows up on this one…

2. Van Side Bend — Don’t neglect your sides! As runners, we usually go right for the hammies or the hip flexors when it comes to stretching, but the sides of your body are sneaky culprits of stiffness and need lovin’, too. Side bending periodically will help keep your body more balanced.


3. Seated Calf Pump — Lengthen those hammies while you help to pump excess fluid out of those hard-working calves. Just point and flex. When you get out of the van, do some calf raises off the edge of a curb — seriously.


4. Hip Relief — Booty lock mitigation. Enough said.

5. Legs Up the Van — This will help recirculate the blood in your legs, bring ease to your low back, and more. We’re obsessed with this pose and if you’re serious about performing your best, you should be, too. Do it as often as possible.


Check out our Ragnar Reset edition of #vanyoga for more recovery-on-the-go ideas.

Run hard and rest easy! Happy Racing!

Easily 'pin'able pose-ter below:


Atsuko Tamara