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This spring we added to our Haute Volée, Oregon State University alumni Laura Carlyle. While at OSU Laura set school records in both the Mile and the 1500m with times of 4:37 and 4:17. For the last year Laura has been living, working and training in Seattle, WA. During outdoor season she traveled to the Oxy High Performance meet and the Portland Track Fest where she went 4:19 and 4:17 in the 1500 meters. After a year of a lot of transitions and changes, Laura is just starting to feel her groove and ready for more great opportunities to race fast amongst some very competitive fields in Canada in the next couple weeks. Being Canadian born in Kelowna, BC, I felt like Laura was just the person to catch up with before the Canadian International circuit.


Laura, tell us a little bit about the Canadian circuit? Why should American running fans know about these races? Why do you believe they are beneficial to professional runners?
The Canadian circuit is made up of four races. The first one is on the east coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the second is in Edmonton, Alberta, then the third and fourth are in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. This circuit is beneficial to pro runners because it’s a great way to get international experience without taking the long flight over to Europe. It's a great opportunity to get into some quality races, get more experience and meet new people. I raced two races of this circuit last year and it was tons of fun. All the athletes more or less travel as a group, we stay in the same hotels and shuttle around together. It's nice being around a group of people who live similarly and value a lot of the same things I do and also see them outside of the typical race day environment. American runner fans should follow this circuit because there are Americans racing up there and of course there are some fantastic Oiselle athletes to follow! Britney Henry throws this Sunday in Edmonton! Besides that these races are also in some beautiful Canadian cities and it’s always fun to watch the best of the world compete!

What Canadian races are you scheduled to run?
The 1500m at The Victoria International Track Classic on July 8th and the Mile at Harry Jerome International Track Classic on the 10th.

Looking back on the last year of training and your track season, what are your goals for the summer and next fall?

My goals for this summer and fall are just to stay consistent with my training and build up my mileage. I need to be in the weight room more, listen to my body and stay healthy, enjoy the summer weather and explore as many new trails as I can find! I hope to do some shorter road races in the fall and maybe even Canadian XC Championships.

What have been the biggest challenges for you this last year? And what have you learned about yourself?
Hmm..Where to start with this one? So many great and terrible things have happened this past year and they have all affected my running in different ways. This past year I have moved twice, started a new job, switched coaches, got engaged and almost lost my mum to a brain aneurysm. The end result is a positive one and I am in a place now that is amazing. I’m happy and I have all the resources to move forward and make great things happen next year. Unfortunately, with so much going on this past year outside of running, my running paid the price and I had to focus on other areas in my life. I have learned that under very intense circumstances I actually hold up pretty well. I am able to focus on what is important and take care of those around me. I also learned that I can’t do everything so thankfully I have a lot of pretty amazing people in my life that I can lean on.


What are your long-term goals?
I really want to get into a steady rhythm and routine with my training, put my head down and follow through with everything so I can see what I can really do with some great training under my belt.  My goal is to have a breakthrough season next year and I am determined to do all the big and small things that I need to do to get me there. 

Favorite summer activity?
Trail running! Jumping in a lake and drinking semi-frozen Gatorade after a hot summer long run, short weekend trips to visit friends and be outside and eating S’mores! (pretty sure that’s an activity more than a food)

Favorite summer meal?
Cut a watermelon in half and eat it with a spoon and/or fish tacos.

Favorite beverage?
Cofffeeee – double shot latte. Or a Tim Horton’s Iced Cap

If given a choice to go anywhere and do anything, what would it be?
Tough question! So many different ways to go with this one. I would like to go to space and get super frustrated trying to do everyday things without gravity.  


Follow Laura and other Oiselle Team elites this summer as they compete in the Canadian and European racing circuit by following @oiselle_team and @oiselle.

July 04, 2014 — kristin

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