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Happy new year! You’ve raced your way through 2014, overcome training obstacles and are already hitting the ground running in 2015. It's goal making time.

Inspired by Oiselle pro runners, we invite you to fill in the blank, “This is the year I _______" on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest throughout the month. Make sure to add @oiselle and tag #theyeari, every post will be entered to win the grand prize on January 30th! And be on the lookout for random acts of prizing throughout the month.

Twitter/Instagram: Follow then tell us your goal with, “This is the year I _______." Use hashtag #theyeari and @oiselle.


Pinterest: Follow then pin a photo that represents your goal telling us, “This is the year I _______.” Use hashtag #theyeari and @oiselle. Throughout January we will be collecting and pinning your goals to our Pinterest board.

You will be entered to win a spikebag full of Oiselle threads + the new Believe Training Journal author inscribed by Lauren Fleshman herself to support your goal crushing year ahead. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on January 30th.

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It takes guts to put your goals out there for the world to see, so we took the plunge first! Read on to see what we're aiming at this year.

This is the year I enjoy the now.
Ambition is a gratitude killer. It strives and covets and grasps. It doesn't see the loveliness of small things. Or the joy of an unscripted moment. It's a no-grass-is-green-enough kind of person; an ugly social climber. And the end game, if not disrupted, is arriving at a destination with regret. Or longing for a chance now gone. With so much wonderful change in the Oiselle world, and with my family, I want the courage to see what's in front of me. This is the year I enjoy the crazy, twirling, people filled "now."
Sally Bergesen, Founder & CEO 

This is the year I focus on the little things.
We all have goals and dreams. I have several goals that I have been wanting to achieve in the last year or two but they have been sidelined because I haven't given enough commitment to the little things that make a huge difference; from strength training, to drinking more water, to stretching after every run, to getting massages..etc..Focusing on the little things will also translate to other aspects of my life and in turn add positive energy to those as well.
Kristin Metcalf, Oiselle Team Manager


This is the year I stay strong.
When I start feeling good with running, I start to neglect the things that got me there (gym work, strength training, religious attention to fueling). Discipline: 2x/week strength training minumum, or I don't let myself run.
Sarah Lesko, Corp. Dev.
This is the year I simplify.
"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius. The urgency of paring down - to find the time and space to think - is nothing new, yet as time moves on and technology takes over, simplifying both my mind and physical surroundings will allow more space for growth, happiness and just enjoying the moment. Striving to eliminate both physical & mental clutter will make room for the things that are truly important.
Bari Epstein, Controller 

This is the year I do me.
Selfish much? Haha! Maybe, but this year I wanted to try something different - I’m not setting weight loss goals, financial obligations, desperately seeking a new church or checking out every book in the library (all of which are normally somehow paraphrased in my resolution each year). Instead, I’m devoting this year to just finding myself, setting new goals along the way, pushing the boundaries and following my heart. This is the year I want not for a title, a situation or circumstance to define me, but for me to define myself. This is the year I do me.
Kami Beckendorf, Technical Designer

This is the year I begin a new chapter.
The past few months have been a whirlwind of changes by leaving the only state I've ever lived in and moving across the country for an amazing opportunity. It's been a smooth transition so far and I hope to keep it that way. I know that 2015 will bring even more change, but I want to remain calm and do my best to see the positives in every situation. Adjusting to my new life here in Seattle will be challenging at times, but I cannot wait to see what's in store for the future. This will be the year I learn more about myself than ever before by facing new challenges on my own. I want to continue to improve my times in running, but also find other hobbies I enjoy and excel at.
Sydney Marshall, Sales Coordinator


This is the year I embrace the journey.
After the conclusion of my collegiate running career, I have struggled to establish the role that running should play in my life. Some days I envision an OTQ, other days I grow frustrated with my lack of progress when training takes a backseat to other priorities. In an effort to subdue my all or nothing mentality, this is the year I focus less on outcome and more on process. The beautiful process of running with friends, discovering new trails, building strength, improving health, climbing a mountain, practicing yoga, cycling, skiing and exploring the unknown. Of course a PR would be incredible, but it’s only one moment among many that make up the journey of life. I can’t wait to embrace all that 2015 has in store.
Heather Stephens, Customer Service

This is the year I push limits.
I’m always working on self-improvement, but I shield myself from disappointment by breaking goals down into such small steps that I never really exert effort. I’ve been even more cautious physically and mentally since I fractured my spine two years ago. While that was good time to reflect and rediscover what’s important, I’m ready to raise the bar and get my heart rate up. At the end of every day, I don’t just want to be tired, but fulfilled. This is the year of a PR in every area of my life. Let’s do this, Twenty Pushteen!
David Colburn, Senior Accountant

This is the year I get outside.
I know, it sounds so simple. But instead, I consider myself lucky - something so simple makes me happier than most things. This is the year that the edges between "working out" and "getting out" are blurred: riding my bike to work, hiking in the mountains on weekends, and running on my lunch breaks to clear my head. The joy I get from being outside translates to every other aspect of my life - my relationships, the creative process, and my personal health. When being outside becomes a priority, everything else is simply better.
Nelle Horsley, Junior Designer


This is the year I do the little somethings.
I struggle with an all or nothing attitude. I beat myself up if I can't do everything and more often than I'd like to admit I do nothing instead of a little something. After having my first baby I'm bobbing in the big sea of all the joy and challenges that it brings and I need to refocus my attitude to keep myself moving. If I can't do the big everythings rather than lose motivation and focus, my goal is to use whatever time (and energy) I have to do the little somethings. And believe that every little something adds up to the big everything.
- Sarah Robinson, Creative Director

This is the year I accept.
I've worked on "balance" and wasn't very successful. Maybe what I learned in that exercise is that I am an all or nothing person. I'm going to give "accept" a go and see if I can learn to meet myself half-way - at least sometimes.
Christy Slye, VP of Sales

This is the year I hold myself accountable.
I am great at dreaming up amazing goals, and planning the steps necessary to execute the goal. However, when it comes to following through on my goals or plans, I am full of excuses! This is the year I hold myself accountable for the goals I set, whether big or small.
Katie Gardner, E-commerce Operations

This is the year I create calm.
The new year has a lot coming my way. I want to make more time for family, learn how to dance (yes, dance!), get on a strength training schedule, keep my apartment uncluttered, travel as much as possible, work hard, all while planning a big wedding come next September. Creating calm will be my glue for all pieces to come together and help me stay focused on what is most important. Through running, yoga, family time, and check points along the way I will make it happen.
Jacquelyn Komen, Marketing + Media

jacquelyn scofield