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The final votes are in! We turned to our fearless DC Volée community to get their complete flystyle winners list. The evening events kicked off with a warm up and pep talk followed by the Crystal City 5k race. They capped off the night with a group gathering in Arlington. 


The event host? The famous Courtney Carter! Courtney joined the team in July of 2013 and has worked hard alongside her fellow leaders to build a rock solid group of run lovers. 


"Being a part of the Volée has changed my running (and my life) dramatically. I am more inspired, more motivated and more knowledgeable about running than I ever have been and that's because of this team. Being able to develop lifelong relationships with such a dynamic group of women has been incredible." 

Rocking the original Volée Singlet (circa 2013) and Stride Shorts: "I chose this outfit because it was what I wore for my very first marathon back in November of 2013 and nothing makes me feel more powerful than the fact that I can say I've completed 7 marathons and have plans for many many more. Also, a throwback outfit always feels appropriate and badass in my book!" 

ERICA M. SAMALIS - Joined July 2015


"Being a part of this team has helped me feel like a more confident athlete. Every time I toe the line I feel the support of my teammates, the Haute Voleé, and all of Oiselle. It's also important to me be a part of something bigger than myself, so I've enjoyed being a leader and helping to build the sisterhood."

Rocking the Aero Tights and Voleé 3/4 Crop Top: "The anatomy nerd in me loves that the detailing on the Aero tights accentuates the muscles in my legs. And it's impossible to not feel like a BAMF in the crop!"

KELLY REEDER - Joined July 2015


"Since the moment I had missed the first Volée (at that time, The Flock) opening, I relentlessly regretted it. Joining the Volée has been one of the most positive steps I've taken for myself--ever. I'm part of something larger--this brilliant, inspiring, 'bad ass lady gang' that challenges me and builds me up in a way that I didn't even know I needed. It's more than a running community; they're family."

Rocking the Wazelle Short Sleeve, Volée Singlet, Pocket Joggers, and Aero Jacket: "Black is my go to color -- all black everything -- so that's a huge factor in my powersuit from the beginning. But the Pocket Joggers make me feel independent. There's enough storage in them that I'm self contained for any event -- racing a 5k or 15 miles solo on the trails. They transition between the two surfaces seamlessly. As for the Aero Jacket, well, have you seen those lines? It's fierce. It's moto jacket meet the race line. I put it on and I stand just that much taller. I feel invincible while wearing it--and it doesn't hurt feeling invincible on race day, does it?"

MEGHAN MALONEY - Joined July 2015


"Joining this team has been amazing. So many ladies to support me and cheer me on. It has also been very motivating to continue pursueing my running goals. Plus I've made really great friends!"

Rocking the Volee 3/4 Crop Top and  Mac Rogas: "Wearing the crop top makes me feel like an elite/serious runner which gives me extra confidence. And the Mac Rogas are just badass. I may be wearing black in the photos but it makes me feel REAL."

JACKIE GRUENDEL - Joined July 2014 


"It has been an incredible experience connecting with all these women, more than I ever imagined. I am so excited to have made lifelong friends and connected with so many amazing people. I went old school with the meet-up."

Rocking the Long Flyte Shorts and Lesko Shimmel (OG): "I'm pretty sure I have the Long Flyte Shorts in every color and multiple pairs in the same color. They are my go to and favorite. I love the simplicity of the Lesko Shimmel, but it also makes me feel fast. I feel the most powerful when things are simple and I am comfortable." 

MEGHAN LEONARD - Joined April 2016


"I normally run solo, because of my schedule, but I love the running community and sharing my experiences and journey with others. Being a part of a team helps keep me inspired and motivated, and pushes me out of my comfort zone. I'm hoping to try to meet up more often and run more with others. Running with others will only make me a faster, stronger runner. And I hope to inspire and motivate other team members as much as they have me." 

Rocking the Volée Singlet, Aero Tights, and American Runner Trucker Hat: "This outfit makes me feel powerful because I am proud to wear my Oiselle singlet and represent a company that empowers and supports women athletes. My Aero tights fit me perfectly and allow me to perform to my fullest potential. The American Runner hat defines who I am." 



"For as long as I can remember, I have had some form of fierce women group around me. They were soccer and softball teammates through high school. They were my sorority sisters in college. And now in my adult life, our local Volée is not only a collection of amazing teammates who share the joy of running, but also the women that share in the ups and downs of everyday life. I cannot imagine my life without these women."

Rocking the Volée Singlet, Aero Jacket, Drop Top Mesh Long Sleeve, and Fancy Stride Shorts: "The singlet embodies our team - the love, the support, the confidence to go hard after a goal. The Aero Jacket embodies boldness. The cut is flattering and the pleat details shout that I'm not here to mess around. The Drop Top Mesh Long Sleeve embodies feminine fierce - technical fabric that works hard to wick away sweat when I'm working hard with a dash of flirty mesh. The Fancy Stride Shorts embody self-love. When I first started running, I always wore capris, no matter how hot or humid it was, because my thighs would rub together.  But the Fancy Stride Shorts do not budge; they embrace every powerful curve that propels me to a new personal best." 

LEEANNE SCIOLTO - Joined July 2015


"Being a part of a team can be positive or negative, but being a part of THIS team has been amazing. I've met amazing people, heard amazing stories and made bonds and connections I know run deeper than running. Running may have brought us together but it's not what keeps us together. Sorry Volée - you're stuck with me!"

Rocking the Space Grid Spandos and Verrazano Bra Singlet: "This outfit is flattering, comfy, cute, mixy-not-matchy, and puts me in the mindset to just be me and focus on the event and not my clothes. They aren't a distraction but rather a boost!"

COLLEEN GALLAGHER - Joined July 2013


"Having been an athlete my whole life, I missed the feeling of team. This group has given me that back and so much more. I've made so many great friends and I love the support this community provides." 

MANDY EBERLY - Joined July 2015


"I had few expectations when I joined the team. Once I started doing more activities with the team, I found that I am surrounded by a smart, loving, kind, fierce, competitive, yet supportive group of women that come from so many different places in life. We all have a different story yet these stories bring us together as a big ol' family of strength and courage, ready to run the world (literally and figuratively). I could go anywhere and throw a shout out to the Volée and find someone to run with or go grab drinks with and that is a pretty great thing to be able to do." 

Rocking the Go Joggings the Volée Singlet: "When I put on the team singlet, I'm not only running for myself but an entire group of women. These women keep me moving to be a better, stronger, faster, kinder me."

Like many nights in our nation's capital, this was one for the record books. 




"Outside of the friendships, this team inspires me daily to dig deeper and give more - in running and in life."  - Courtney 

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