Running tights are essential for fall and winter training. And we're so excited to have our Onyx Running Tights in the Fall 2011 collection. They are super soft, sleek, ankle length wonder pants. The sporty detailing, like mesh vents behind the knees and the box seam around the front of knees, give them a modern edge.

We all know a good pair of running tights can come in handy for more than just those cold winter runs. Like layering under snow pants when you hit the slopes. Let me take you one step further: daywear. These days leggings are part of everyday fashion and it's easy to transition your Onyx tights into your wardrobe when you aren't logging miles in them. So in honor of Fashion Week, here's the first installment of Oiselle's Style Tips.

How to Wear Running Tights as Everyday Wear

Pair tights with a longer top: This creates a fasionable yet comfy look. The longer length of a tank, sweater, or tee covers part of your bum so you won't feel like it's ALL hanging out.

Add Layers: Starting with a long base layer is good, take the style up one little notch and add layers on top. I personally can't wait to pair my tights with a longer tank and my new leather (fine, it's "pleather") gray bomber jacket. Even adding a tee or second tank (maybe one is bright and colorful with a nuetral on top, or vice versa)

Footwear: Ballet flats, sporty sneakers, heels, you can pull it off. It just depends on what's on top. Tank with tee over? Flats, fashion athletic shoes, running shoes. Tank with bomber jacket? Ballet flats, heels, boots.

You can take the tights as far as you want. Shown above is a very casual look, longer burnout tank from Threads for Thought with American Apparel tee layered on top. (I love this top because you can wear it either way, scoop neck in back or front.)

Running shot is the Fargo Jacket paired with Onyx Tights. I love the Fargo Jacket, I would go so far as to say it's my favorite running jacket in. the. world. Thumbholes... so great.

September 09, 2011 — sarah

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