Watching the trends for Spring 12 strut down the runways of New York City has been interesting. And inspiring. I'm no clothes horse, I don't own any $1,200 heels, and there's no couture hanging in my closet. But watching what designers are presenting, predicting really, for next year influences and excites my own personal style. Because I like clothes. I like the attitude transformation I undergo when I wear something I love, something that's me. For me personal style is not about following rules, or owning labels. It's something you create yourself. Runways will inspire, and rules are better learned before broken. But style is a creative way to express yourself to the world. A way to play with persona and character.

As runners the importance of style is as true, or more true. I say style not fashion, personal style to me is bigger than fashion trends. Think of your race day outfit. That thing is washed ahead of time - spotless. Laid out the night before (most likely with your race number already pinned on). Each piece, from your hair elastic to your socks, is selected not only for the way it feels, but for the way it makes you feel. Strong, beautiful, free, powerful, unstoppable, badass...


I want to see your race day outfit. THE capital R: Race Day Outfit. The one you feel like 'you, the racer' in. We'll pick one random name to win a rare (never for sale) Oiselle spike bag. If you don't have photos of the outfit feel free to describe it. Paint the picture :)

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*Top photo is of Tadshi Shoji's collection which I loved watching - taken from NYDailynews

September 13, 2011 — sarah

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