Hey Runfriends!

We’re so excited to announce we’ll be on the ground at the Chicago Marathon! With many members of the team toeing the line, and so many more run friends racing — we’re feeling the love and can’t wait to run, cheer, and celebrate with the community.

As you know, we’re big believers in superfan-ing your friends. So much so that at the Marathon on Sunday, we’ll be swagging out the sidelines! Come find us at Mile 17 to get some #flystyle. And bring your friends! New birds get an exclusive Chicago Marathon discount to use on And it’s a big one, because we’re all about building the sisterhood.


For those of you that can’t make it to Chicago - fly with us in spirit. Tweet at us and use #oisellefliesinchi to join in on the fun — because our birds never fly alone!

See you birds in the windy city! 


- Meg & Jess


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