Oiselle HQ runs on Nuun. Seriously, our office is fully stocked. It's so easy to have on hand in its adorable little tube. And with our water situation - tap water - it's a great electrolyte solution. Just plop a tab in plain old water and ta-da, super water! Water with the perfect balance of electrolytes, sodium, potassium and light refreshing flavor. (We love Strawberry Lemonade)

Nuun is a neighbor business here in Seattle. But even more so, like a cool older sibling. A start-up that, like Oiselle, has benefitted from our city’s very active angel investor community; people who, being athletes themselves, get the big, beautiful picture that is the sporty, competitive lifestyle. Living proof is Mason Reay (@runhydrated), President of Nuun. He doesn’t just lead an active company, he lives it. For evidence, look no further than this year’s Hood to Coast may have seen him in a Sparkle Skirt, as he was a van driver for one of two rad, all women’s teams that Nuun sponsored (including some of our favorite bloggers!)

Photo credit: Team Sparkle member Emily who blogs as Sweat Once A Day.

Also from Sweat Once A Day.

Mason stopped by Oiselle HQ last Friday to run with us, and brought us hundreds of single serve Nuuns. Obviously we could drink all of those in days flat. But since we've been wanting to introduce everyone to Nuun, we decided to include Nuun in web orders until supplies run out. Okay, that was our plan the whole time. :)

Rejoice thirsty runners of the world! Oiselle orders now with 100% more Nuun!

October 17, 2011 — sarah

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