Confession: feeling a little #deepthoughts. But that’s where I go when I reflect on the idea of Girl Gang… a group of women, connected to and supporting each other. It’s in what we do - and beautifully represented in our new Running Women Collection.

I was having dinner with a friend recently and we started talking about our women friendships; how they had shaped our lives, our very personalities, from early on. For both of us, high school and college was the beginning; when our girlfriends consumed our days and nights. And while (for me at least) boys were of high interest, they were still only one or two stars among a firmament of women.

The Girl Gang was lifeblood. The Girl Gang was without sexual demands or complications. A connection built on solidarity; on understanding the challenges we faced together. A network of woman-up mojo, empathy, connection, and laughter.

I still remember piling into my friend Julia’s gold Dodge Dart convertible one hot summer during college, loaded with an old futon and groceries, on our way to spend the night on the sand of Stinson Beach. With the sun warming our bare arms and legs, whispy hair flying, we settled into a Tattoo You reverie, our future stretching out as endless and interesting as the curves of the road.

“Nothing will harm you and nothing will stand in your way…” Heaven

After college, my girl gang evolved. It became a running team. With the new pressures of adulting, also came the emerging needs that a running girl gang could foster: personal growth, mental stability, stress management, and continued physical health.

Oiselle is a product of the Girl Gang. An immaculate woman to woman conception. I know you know it, but along this running road of life, the Girl Gang brings us friendship, humor, support, absurdity, love, anger, confidence, creativity, renewal, curiosity, humanity.

What I’ve also seen is that while some women didn’t start with a Girl Gang early on, that hasn’t prevented them from finding one. Like the Coco Chanel quote: “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” So it is with the Girl Gang. It’s never too late to find yourself a crew.

This collection, the Running Women styles, adorned with the beautiful fluid artwork of Filippa Edghill, is an ode to the Girl Gang. Women. Birds. All connected, moving together.

Per usual, with us and everything we make, it starts with incredible fabrics. Fabrics that, even when put in lifestyle pieces, can go from couch to 5K with zero training. Specifically, these pieces use our Breeze Woven (with stretch) and our Summer Roga™ fabrics. Yum.

distanceshorts.jpgDistance shorts worn by highschooler, Allison Bunker, in the Runway Slam

Distance Shorts. Um YES. You’ve been asking. We’ve been stalling. Well no more my friends. The Distance Shorts are BACK - and better than ever! The silhouette is the same, but the fabric gets a slight upgrade… same beautiful drape, but with a bit of stretch.

storyshirt.jpgVolée team member, Mandy Lane, wearing the Story Shirt in the Runway Slam

The Story Shirt. A relaxed v-neck that is simplicity itself, with a wide band at the bottom to give Filippa’s artwork its framing. 

backstoryshirt.jpgVolée team member, Jenn Wilson, rocking the Backstory Shirt.

The Backstory Shirt. Artwork in the front, sports bra party in the back. 

storycapris.jpgDid you see Jess Barnard rock them at the Runway Slam? If not, here it is. 

The Story Capri. Not gonna lie, there’s been a lot of oohs and ahhs in the office over these pants. The wide leg capri is THE pant you’ll see out and about this spring. 


The Story Shorts. Inspired by the drape and fit of a pair of fancy pants shorts from Lauren Fleshman, these shorts are simply next level in terms of tailoring and comfort. Ready to run - or wear with a halter top for a dance party.

storydress.jpgHello Oiselle staffer Beth McAlpine at Runway Slam.

The Story Dress. Dresses can be the ultimate one-piece solution. Throw it on and go. We love this silhouette as it brings a cinched waist that adds shape, without being tight. 


The Story Jacket. Have you ever longed for a long jacket - but without the bulk? Long no longer. The Story Jacket has beautiful drape and lightweight convenience - the perfect over layer to finish any look.


A note about the artist: Filippa Edghill leads one of those Instagram worthy lives I like to follow if only because it looks incredibly exotic and peaceful. Following our collaboration with her in 2017 in our Run Strong Collection, we knew we wanted to do more.

Her art, both water color and pen and ink, achieves what some female-centric art struggles to do: celebrate our natural form without contributing to the single story of what a woman is supposed to look like. Filippa’s art is revealing - but reverent.

A painter, traveler, surfer, sometimes runner - she has spent her career sharing beautiful images of female strength. We’re so honored to include just a bit of it in this collection.

All of us are…the running women.



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February 01, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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