We are very excited to cheer on four Oiselle athletes at the storied Millrose Games this weekend (watch information). It is an honor for athletes to compete in these deep fields, and Maria Michta-Coffey (1 mile racewalk), Megan Clark (pole vault), Kendra Chambers (4x800, NY AllStars team), and Mel Lawrence (3k) are looking forward to the challenge. We wanted to get inside Mel's head about her recent 3k breakthrough and race prep! 


SL: Mel, we love cheering for you! It was a nice notch in your belt for you to break 9 in the 3k at the Dempsey Preview. Can you talk about the 2 weeks of training leading up to that race? What were some workouts that gave you confidence? 

ML: It felt so good to dip under 9 minutes for the first time and get a PR for a season opener. Good way to start.

Looking at my training log, a lot of the stuff I've been doing has been with short recovery, and I think it's been helping me a lot. Lauren's the brains behind it all and she knows what she's doing. She's been my coach for 4.5 years now and knows what works and doesn't. Two weeks leading into the race, some of the race pace stuff didn't feel that great, but a lot of the tempo style stuff has been feeling really great. My tempo work seems to have made a lot of improvement over the last year and a half and I think it has helped my fitness a lot. 


SL: What are your thoughts on/how you are approaching Millrose?

ML: I'm really excited for Millrose. I'm excited to have the opportunity to race against a really strong field and race at such a historic meet. 

I'm feeling pretty positive and I'm trying to keep similar thoughts I had leading into the UW Preview. I know the energy, physicality, and racing on a 200m banked track will be a lot different at Millrose, but I'm confident in my training and fitness and need to roll with those two things.


SL: How is Albuquerque training? Anything new this time around? 

ML: It's been great. I've been matching up and staying with the Brooks Beasts, and they have been extremely nice in letting me tag along for runs and workouts (if the workouts match up). The Littlewing crew came here three years ago, and this time around it is so much different. Last time I was nursing a bum achilles, and ran maybe 4 times total. I spent a lot of time in the pool and on the elliptical watching house hunters haha (seemed to always be on the TV at the gym). I honestly wasn't a big fan of Albuquerque since I didn't get to experience much of it. Being here and running now, I see how great of a place it is to train. There are so many paths, trails, and tracks. It's a great running community and everyone is so open and welcoming. 

So excited for Saturday! Head up, wings out! 



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