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black_bottoms.pngAs seen at Tenacious Ten, black bottoms are the race day outfit of choice.

I lay you out the night before, on a chair in my room, near the door. I tuck shoes underneath. Shirt choice can wait until the morning, but you, YOU are the first piece I reach for to start the pile.

A uniform frees us from making decisions that derail our best intentions. You beckon me to walk through the door.

And then we run.

Sometimes evidence from our mutual adventures follows us home:

Brush off the dirt placed by the happy dog’s paws.

Sew up the hole from a trip root fall with Grandma’s sewing kit.

We keep each other’s secrets:

Sometimes I reach into the dirty clothes bin to find you in the morning,
when the day before got away from me and laundry is still undone.
And you show up for me anyway, no judgements.

My body is a wonderland. And a recreational facility.
And sometimes the sprinklers go off when they’re not supposed to.
But you never tell on me. 

Do I think that I look slimmer in you? I cannot say. I care but I don’t care but I care but I don’t.

Do I know that we are stronger together? YES. You are my second skin. You hold me together.

Only my own legs and lungs work harder than you do.

And we have work to do.

Black-bottoms, we make the running world go ‘round.

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