We’ve seen em. The cats on Cat Lady Fleece. The dogs lovin’ on your Lux. Even the occasional hamster, rabbit, or bearded dragon getting in on the #flystyle. 

Then our animal instincts kicked in. We sharpened our talons, preened our feathers, and got right down to the pecking and gathering that would be needed to build the most beastly apparel collection to date.

Months, nay years, of tireless digging, napping, and egg laying has finally paid off. Not unlike a team of sled dogs willing to traverse the tundra for hours on end, we could not, would not quit until we could proudly offer #flystyle to our pet family. 

Clearly the POO drop is our most savage collection to date.


To launch our new collection, we tapped into the most promising (and proximal) models we could find. Dogs, cats, turtles, birds and more. Not just profesh talent, but REAL animals living real animal lives. We knew the essence of POO needed to be authentic, simple-minded, and slightly aromatic.

But POO is much, MUCH more than a product line. It's a sense of belonging to a pack. And while some may see POO as a cult, we prefer to call it an unconditionally loving family of butt sniffers. A group of big hearted, food focused free spirits - ready to walk, snort, slither, fly, and lift their legs in style.


Moody Floral - you bet. Fast Pink - oh it’s on. Flyout - spring style on point. Best of all, you and your POO can match. POO pairings are popular in the POO Community. 

Want to more deets on the POO drop? Of course you do. Please give us more info about your POO here


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