Athlete women are at the core of everything we do. Which makes the Oiselle line of gear and apparel very simple: RUN. RACE. RECOVER. RUMBLE. We value your ability to have beautiful, high quality, long-lasting apparel that works seamlessly across all aspects of your life, from sport to work to travel to any big or small dream you might be chasing. 


RUN: The go-to training pieces that define the daily - and the joys of effort.

If your commitment to running goes deep, like way down in there, chances are you're out on the roads, track, or trails almost daily. We make training apparel beautiful - so that you can feel strong at every opportunity. Better yet, these clothes work as hard as you do. Run, rinse, repeat as many times as possible. See all run styles.


RACE: Apparel that fosters an emotion of readiness, whether it's a fun run or a PR quest.

We believe that readiness is a feeling. The prize on which we keep our eyes. The horizon we're all running towards. When you wake up to toe the line, your clothes should help you enjoy and embrace that moment. We're proud makers of many a powersuit, regardless of whether the goal is a first flight or an Olympic quest. See all race styles.


RECOVER: It's as important as the hard efforts, and worth celebrating with beautiful designs and fabrics.

Nobody loves a rest day like runners love a rest day. In fact, the downtime is made all the more wonderful by the contrast with hard training. It's a time of celebration and pampering - and we think loungewear should live the part. See all recover styles.


RUMBLE: Street style that combines the best of function and fashion.

The most exciting innovation in fashion today is the trend toward comfort AND style. Some call it athleisure. We call it getting to wear your athletic clothes for all those non-running moments. As designers, we believe this is not only about comfort. It's about self- and body-respect. Movement isn't just for sports anymore.... See all rumble styles.



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April 02, 2019 — Allyson Ely

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