It's here, friends! The holiday season is officially upon us. I for one could not be more excited. I absolutely love the pomp and circumstance of it all. The lights, the food, the music, and if your love language is giving gifts or receiving gifts, well, this is your moment to shine. So whether you're shopping for yourself or your loved ones this season, we put together a list of our season's favorites. Styles we simply cannot live without, I kid you not. The only time some of these styles come off our bodies is to go in the wash, cause hello, good hygiene. Our mothers raised us right. (Or so they tried.) Take a peek, friends, or bookmark for later. This is just a fun little resource should you need it, but really we just wanted to gush on our faves!

Kami Beckendorf: Wazzoh Parka
I'm no fashionista, but this jacket is more of my sporty/casual jacket. I tend to wear it more when my vibe is a bit more casual or if I'm doing something more active; hiking, camping, post run coffee dates, etc... The fit is roomy enough that I can layer as much or little as needed for each activity. Plus two words: Lux. Pockets.

Morgan Manuel: A.T. Vest in Goldy
As an avid and everyday vest wearer when the weather starts to get a bit cooler, this was the perfect addition to my wardrobe. The Sherpa fabric is equivalent to the feeling of a hug when it’s on, and the Goldy color is a great neutral to pair with pretty much anything. Shockingly enough, YES, you can still run in this and it would be a great piece for a cool fall/winter run if you needed another layer of cozy to get you started. Personally, my favorite way to wear this piece is paired with a Wazzie Wool Long Sleeve, Herringbird Tights, a beanie, and a pair of fall boots! This look makes me feel cozy and stylish while also run ready: just trade the boots for running shoes and boom you're good to go!

Steph Willett: Lux Blanket Scarf
This is the perfect all-season accessory! Its list of uses just goes on and on and on: keep the chill at bay in your office that never seems to be the right temp, keep your passport close (in the handy pocket!) while flying, use it as a blanket at a concert or picnic, wrap up in it while you change your shorts at a race finish line before heading to brunch, create extra privacy while feeding your baby, keep sweat off the seat of your car, or... you know...wear it as a scarf! Sounds like you're going to need more than one!

Anita Campbell: A.T. Mitttens and Beanie
I’ve always appreciated a good toque (as we refer to our beanies up in Canada) to get me through the winter months. Full disclosure, I was gifted this mitten/beanie combo in Goldy as an end-of-season coaching gift this fall. I fell in love instantly. Soft and fleecy, in a color that goes great with anything. The hat fully covers my ears and I don’t ever have to worry about readjusting to make sure it does its job. The mittens are everything…my husband steals them any chance he gets so I know what I’ll be getting him for the holidays! Top notch stocking stuffer right here!

Jenn Harowicz: Wazzoh Long Parka
The slim fit, the extra length in the back, the Lux-lined pockets, the great fitting hood, and the super soft and cozy insulation - all these fab details make this long parka one of my best purchases this fall. On several occasions, I've walked in the door, either at work or at home, and have kept it on for another twenty-plus minutes... just a nice warm hug of a jacket that I often don't want to take off.

Stephanie Eli: Flyout Tights
These tights are perfect for my many winter outdoor activities! First, they keep me warm! Second, they hold me in. I love a good compression tight! Lastly, POCKETS! Gotta have my phone close to snap all the nature pics.

Atsuko Tamara: A.T. Pullover
Why I love it? The highest quality fleece I’ve ever worn-and I’ve worn my pullover A LOT. It’s ridiculously soft and cozy and offers an instant dose of warmth the minute it touches your body. The trim not only adds a nice pop of color but also functions such that the collar stays up and close to your face when you want that extra coverage from the cold. The generous fit makes it easy to layer an accent tank or even a long sleeve for extra, extra warmth without feeling overly bundled.  

Rachel Gardner: Quilted Long Full Zip
This long-hooded zip up is not only beautiful but also is made with the softest material I have ever worn. I have worn this almost every day since I bought it and love the way it feels. The Crimson color is my favorite and has become my staple Fall look. I pair it with leggings or jeans and it looks good with everything. It has been my perfect item to throw over running clothes when I need to run in to my son's school and look presentable and put together. This and a beanie and I’m set for any outing.

Sally Bergesen: Lux Bralette
Lingerie for runners. Lux for your boobs. Soft support. Unbelievable comfort. The New Lux Bralette is all these things AND... straps that are both convertible (cross back or straight) and adjustable (with sliders on soft, plush elastic). As a daily driver bra, it's one of the few that I'm not dying to take off at the end of the day. Plus, the sporty touch reminds me that I'm an athlete all the time, even when I'm not working out. The removable cups are a great option too, making this style one of my fave pieces of flystyle. Better yet, it's very small, compact... the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday best-running-friend gift.

Hannah Calvert: Bird Hug Tights
Flashback to June 2018, Sally hands me a sample pair of Bird Hug Tights… and from that point on my life has never been the same. Dramatic much? Nope. I will never stop my relentless pursuit to get every person I know in a pair of ultra-soft (no words can truly capture the essence of the fabric so ultra-soft will have to do) form fitting, no-riding up or sagging down, giant pocket in the back, Reversible, Bird Hug Tights. Wake up, women of the running world! Grab yourself a pair!

And Flyout Insulated Bra
This bra has not been hyped enough! Oh you haven’t heard of it? Well, let me tell you aaallll about it. I wore this bra every single day skiing. Every. Single Day. If I wore it on Saturday, who cares I’m wearing it again on Sunday because I just can’t say no to the soft-but-not-sweaty feeling of a bra that perfectly balances comfort and warmth, with premium technical fabric. Now don’t get me wrong, that Cat Lady Bra brought me pure joy, but this, this is a real deal cold weather bra you probably never knew you needed until it softly rests against your boobs. Unlike the intensely fleecy Cat Lady Bra, this will keep the ladies toasty without feeling like there’s a fur ball sweating it up on your tits. So to all my mountain women, this is a must have. You’re welcome.

Katie Gardner: Runner Trucker
I wear a hat every time I run, and ever since I got my first Runner Trucker a few years ago, it is the only style I will wear. It fits perfectly (even on my big head!), is super-breathable, and I never worry about it getting crumpled in my gym bag, thanks to the foldable brim and flexible mesh body. I love how easy it is to hand wash and hang dry to keep them looking new! Or you can always simply throw it in the wash along with your other running clothes and this hat will hold up.

Some styles made the cut more than once. Here are a few styles multiple staff members were obsessed with and why. Because there's no one way to rock your flystyle. From the beginning, Oiselle has been commiteed to comfort and movement. So whether that movement is rock climbing, running, or binging on your fave shows on Netflix, who are we to stop you?!

Ally Roemer: Insulated Vim Jacket
I scooped this up for Fall/Winter trail running/hiking/climbing in the PNW and it's a total dream! Weather resistant outer with a warm interior make this a jacket super versatile for cold weather adventures where you need breathability + warmth + and protection from the elements! The only problem is I love it so much I've been wearing it around town, too!

Beth McAlpine: Insulated Vim Jacket
Trail runners rejoice, the BEST running rain jacket I have ever had is now insulated! I'm a big ol' wimp when it comes to cold temperatures, and it gets very chilly out on some of our PNW trails, but my new found obsession of the Insulated Vim Jacket is doing the trick! The water resistant outer shell works its magic by keeping me dry, while the super soft insulated lining keeps my core and arms warm and cozy out in the elements. A base layer and this jacket is all I'll need for those snowy trail runs this winter.

Brenda Alvarez: Lux Go Anywhere 3/4 Tights
Oh man! You're asking the Flystylist to just pick one? Now that's just cruel and almost impossible. I love so many styles, but the Lux Go Anywhere Tights were the absolute show stopper in my humble opinion (okay, the Say Anything Jacket is also up there for me, too)! One, these babies are pure Lux coziness. Perfect rise (not too high, not too low). Pockets for dayz! As a petite gal, the 3/4 length is the perfect full length tight. I seriously cannot stop wearing mine. They ether live on me or in the wash. Plus that Douglas Fir color. I mean. These tights have it all: warmth, style, plus off the charts coziness. You'd be mad to pass up on these! A must have 2019 style! Happy shopping, friends!

Kristina Owsinski: Lux Go Anywhere 3/4 Tights
You know these tights are your favorite when you have them in every color and you still can’t seem to have a clean pair to wear each week! What can’t these tights do? First, they are perfect for both tall and petite gals. What’s more these tights go the distance. You can wear them for your chilly morning runs and then pair it with a cute sweater and go on with your day without missing a beat. Compression wise, these tights are a dream. Then there’s the added bonus of not one but two pockets. Deep, amazing pockets that can really hold on to your things. Again, what can’t these tights do?! Oh, and did I mention that they’re made of Lux. Yeah. These tights are a must have. And while you’re at it, snag a pair for your best friend.

Sarah Lesko: Herringbird Tights
I pick my O faves by which items force me to do laundry so that I can wear them. For me this season it's the Herringbird tights. They are the perfect mix of softness and compression, the waistband isn't too high (I like a more mid-rise), and they make my muscles feel springy when I put them on. I haven't been able to really run since these came out, but I can't wait to rock them in the rainy twilight. I only own the black/grey ones, but every time I see the Grounded or Crimson colorways, I want those too... maybe for a holiday treat.

Jenny Wohrle: Herringbird
I can't decide between my black Herringbird Zip jacket or 3/4 Tights...if I could get away with wearing both at the same time like a Herringbird Tuxedo, I would. I love the texture of the fabric, the softness and the versatility to wear them casually or for working out. I really cannot get them out of the wash fast enough to wear them again. I wear a lot of black but I also love pairing the leggings with green and burgundy, I have so many options. They have been a solid investment and definitely my favorite Oiselle pieces so far!

So there you have it, friends. Our staff 2019 picks for the season. Which styles made your wish list? Share with us online. Nothing brings us greater joy than designing a product you can't live without. Clothing: it's special, intimate, and should be 100 percent cozy, 1,000 percent of the time. This is 2019, friends, we do not compromise on comfort.

Happy Shopping Friends!


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