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Last week we showed you our packing light list for a runcation in the city. This week takes us away from the bright lights, big city. We're going off the grid, well kind of, for a Mountain Runcation! Christine Babcock, Lauren Fleshman, and Sarah (Oual), gave us the behind the scenes tour of their hometown, Bend, OR.



Go Joggings
Sandy Bikini Bottom
Sandy Bikini Top 
Tracktion Bra
Distance Shorts
Toolbelt Roga Shorts 
Bird Machine Tank 
Flowy Tank 

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Christine's favorite trail run through Bend is 1st Street Rapids Park. Insider tip: know your water stops before you leave home on your Bend-venure. Heat is no joke and being caught on a trail without hydration is the last thing you want to worry about.

A post-run river cool down is highly advised! The Distance Shorts and Tracktion Bra are perfect for the hot weather, both sweat wicking and breathable to keep you feeling light. Plus with the Distance Shorts, no run is too long when you have four pockets along for the ride. Pack your energy gels in them for a quick pick-me-up. The Gwen Tank is one of our favorites in the packing list, goes from trail run to night out in a snap. Take it on the trails, give it a quick wash, then pair it with white jeans, a denim button-down and your favorite flats for a night on the town. 


You can't go to Bend in the summer without paddle boarding the Deschutes! You'll wind your way through Bend and see the town from a different perspective. The quaint houses, peaceful streets, lush greenery and mountain views in the distance...it's surreal. And when you're there on the right weekend, the people watching and crowds of people floating down the river with you is too much fun to miss! Guaranteed to make a few new travel buddies... 


Perfect top when packing light: Bird Machine Tank. Vintage graphic, lightweight, and ideal for covering up over a swim suit before hitting the river. 


The Sandy Bikini is Lauren's go-to for standup paddle boarding (and yes, low profile tan lines).

If you're like Lauren, you know bright is right when the summer heat hits. And if you're like Jude the Dude, you know leaving your swimmers at home is the next best option!...


Finally, a Bend outing at local and tourist favorite, Crux, calls for casual plus comfy style minus the slouchy look. Weeknights or off-peak drinking hours are preferred to avoid the rush and snag some lawn space! 


The Flowy Tank in Money is right on the money for an evening out brewery hopping. Paired with the the Go Joggings in black and heels, flats or ... Birkenstocks. Who are we kidding? Kick back mountain style.

Thanks for touring with us! Next week get ready for the ultimate fan girl lookbook as we get ready for USA's!



June 10, 2015 — jacquelyn scofield

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