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You know what? When it comes to casting for shoots, my job is pretttty easy... I have an incredible community of women to pull from! Personally + here at O, we care about respresentation. I love that we get to reflect our diverse community in our creative and feel confident in what we put out into the world. From mountain guide, to ultra runner, to pro model, to baker, to nurse, to high school athlete... we're excited for you to get to know the new fall 18 models a bit better! 

P.S. Quick shoutout to the models you already know & love for bringing the fierceness (per usual): Rebecca, Hannah, Kami, and Lauren

P.S.S. These are all badass women that you'll want to know.

F18_Models_Hero.pngFrom Left to Right: Charlotte, Barbara, Morgan


Charlotte Austin (Oiselle Muse!)My tribe! As a mountain guide, I travel a ton. I'm often away from home for more than six months a year, and I think a lot about what that means for my ability to be a contributing member of my community. I get so much love and support from my friends and family, and it's absolutely their support that gives me confidence, keeps me humble, encourages me to dream big. I'm so overwhelmingly grateful for my tribe, and I think a lot about how to make sure I do my best to support them the way they support me — even when I'm away from cell service for a lot of their biggest challenges.

Cassie Chrisman: Learning what my body is capable of after a miscarriage. Running has helped me focus on something positive and I'm slowly becoming MY fastest and strongest. 

Laura GrieserThis one's two-fold for me: physically, reaching the top of a peak after a long climb with my face so sweaty the dirt sticks to it. Mentally, being able to handle tough situations and tough patients in nursing school. Neither are easy paths to choose, but I'm grateful to have the physical and mental strength to do so.

Morgan Hudson: Nothing makes me feel like I could conquer the world more than a good boxing class! Bumping Beyoncé, kicking ass.

Alison HoweContinuing to push myself further in my running goals is what makes me feel strongest. Four years ago I wasn't a runner, and measuring my progress between then and now gives me a strong sense of satisfaction and allows me to see how strong I really am. 

Elyse Dietz: After finishing a run or workout that I was dreading or not feeling 100% during and knowing that my body is capable even when my mind doubts itself. 

Barbara RomanI feel strongest when I push my limits physically and mentally to see what I can achieve.

Iris DuxburyProving to people that I can do something physically challenging, that they thought/told me I wouldn’t be able to do. 

F18_Models_Laura.pngLaura in the Lux Short Sleeve


CA: Oh my gosh, I laughed when I read this question — I don't consider myself a model at all! I'm so far from the stereotypical fashionista: I'm a muscular 170 pounds, I'm usually covered in dust, and I recently learned that I have a very weird camera face. But frankly, I'm just Oiselle's biggest fan, and I love that they encourage women of all shapes and sizes to get after it. I'm so stoked & grateful for the chance to be part of such a rad company's narrative. 

LG: This was my modeling debut! If you would've asked me six weeks, six months, or six years ago if I ever thought I'd be modeling, let alone for a running company, I would've laughed in your face. But I'm enamored by all that Oiselle does in the women's athletic space, and feel grateful to now to be a face for the brand!

MH: Well my family would tell you I've been modeling since I was about 2 years old, but I've only been modeling professionally for about 3 years! When I moved to Seattle, someone suggested that I submit some pictures to a local agency, and so I did (not really expecting anything to come from it) and a few hours later Heffner called me to come in to the agency, and BOOM - they signed me on the spot! It was one of the most exciting days of my life.

ED: I wanted to try something new so I went to the open casting call Oiselle had for the F18 shoot. I would say I still don't feel like a model but am excited to try it out again!

ID: I got into modeling because Sally (my mom) encouraged me to do it after I decided to shave my head! 

F18_models_makeup.pngL to R: Cassie, Iris, Morgan getting glam!


CA: Well, I'm a professional mountain guide, so alpine climbing is my jam. Summit or bust, baby.

CC: Of course running! 

MH: Being an inch shy of 6 feet tall, I have always loved playing Volleyball. I started when I was about 14 years old and played all the way until I was about 22. I love the teamwork involved in volleyball, and being in sync with your team is such an awesome feeling.

AH: I played soccer for 14 years and when I was younger wanted to be a professional soccer player. However I got burnt out in college, and it took a couple years before I got into distance running. I had done sprints in high school, but once I was out of the habit of team sports it took me a while to get back into running, which is now my favorite sport.  

ED: I would say 10ks are my favorite distance, but I'm currently training for a marathon and it’s been a fun/difficult challenge for me. 

BR: My favorite athletic pursuit is trail ultra-running - this year I have raced/will race a 50k, 100k, 50 mile, and a 100 mile!

ID: My favorite athletic pursuit changes, but right now it’s running hurdles in track. This past track season was my first time trying the event. 

F18_Alison_Power.pngL to R: Elyse, Alison, Tirzah sporting the Ballard Bra.


CA: When I'm guiding in the mountains, I live in the black Wazzie Wool base layer top. I've worn all different kinds of wool base layers, and this one is the best by far. It's long enough that my muffin top doesn't get cold, the thumb holes are perfect, and — please don't think I'm gross — it never, ever smells bad, no matter how many days you wear it. When I'm not climbing, I'm obsessed with the Lux Track Pants — I wear them on recovery days, at base camps in the Himalaya, and on long international flights. They're so insanely soft and comfortable that I swear I can feel my legs getting more bloodflow! Cheesy, but true. I've literally worn them on every trans-Atlantic flight I've taken during the last 18 months, and I travel a lot. I'm also excited about the Mio Mesh Dress, because it's the perfect dress for traveling. I own it in three colors, and I love that I can toss it in a dirty duffel, pull it out a month later, and dress it up or down. I've worn it to Nepalese religious festivals, Mongolian nightclubs, and to my favorite lunchtime cafe at home in Seattle.

CC: I love the Flyte tanks and long sleeves. They fit perfect and never ride up during exercise!

LG: Do I have to pick just one? Current favorite outfit: Ballard Bra, Roga Shorts, Hawkeye Tank, and Big Stripe Mock Neck. The KG tights are my winter go-to.

MH: Aside from, every. single. pair of Oiselle leggings & tights (seriously I have never had something so comfy on my body before) I really love the Lux Funnel Neck long sleeve. It is truly the perfect long sleeve top for someone like me who likes a higher neckline without it being too constrictive. 

AH: My favorite Oiselle product is definitely the Flyout line. It is so lightweight and perfect for running in the summer.

ED: Whether I'm hiking or running, my go to are my Flyout tops. For lounging, I live in my Lux Yeti. 

BR: My favorite Oiselle style are the Spandos Racerback Bra and Spandos Minis! Especially when they're matching. ;)

F18_Models_Barbara.pngBarbara chillin'...Vim and Vigor style.


CA: I'm pretty sure I had a pair of leggings on backwards for most of the time we were shooting. I only realized when I was taking them off, and I was too embarrassed to say anything. So if you see somebody in the background with a wicked camel toe... well, yeah.

CC: Just me trying to "work it" like a model was probably funny for everyone else on set! 

LG: Oh man, I'd say the loaned out cutlery was pretty good. You know you're in Seattle when the vegan restaurant lets you take away a dozen sets of silverware and trusts you'll bring it back!

MH: I think the funniest part of being on set was working around some of the other track runners in the stadium that morning! There was one guy running for what seemed like hours and was in a completely different outfit every few laps. We had to time the shots around where he was in his lap... it definitely kept us on our toes, but mostly kept us laughing.

AH: Because I had never modeled before I was a bit stiff and unsure of what to do in front of the camera. In one of the group shots, we were supposed to look like we were laughing and having a great time together. I was having a hard time pantomiming this, so I just let out a really terrible, fake laugh, which actually ended up being funny and making us laugh for real.

ED: Attempting to look calm and modelesque while doing the splits.

F18_Models_Elyse.pngElyse in the Expletive Drop Shoulder Crew.

BR: One funny moment from our shoot is when we lost our leftovers to the ants and crows! Yikes!

ID: I forgot a sweatshirt and it was a bit chilly so I borrowed [a very special new] coat off the rack and just got to hang out in it. It was very warm... 10/10. 

You'll be seeing a lot more of these women over the next couple of months! To the models - it was truly a pleasure/blast working with you and I hope to have you back on set again soon. 


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