The view through a kaleidoscope is visual geometry. It takes the familiar and creates ornate patterns of light and dark. And through this looking glass, we spied with our little eye the idea for a fabric pattern; something that could be translated into a custom jacquard.

A jacquard can have many appearances but it means, literally, "a knit with an intricate, variegated pattern." The pattern is the result of various stitchwork.

What makes the Kaleido-go jacquard so special is that, per Oiselle standards for exceptional fabric - it is also exceptionally soft. Soft, light, and stretchy - ideal for running, moving, or just living.

We loved the soft tufted performance of the fabric so much that we put it into four designs that play the field between sport and style. We're thrilled to introduce the KALEIDO-GO COLLECTION:


The Kaleido-go Dress is an easy throw on piece with a twist. Its shoulder straps, with structured but soft elastic, are adjustable (like a sports bra) making it easy to customize your fit. It has a relaxed drape and a shirt tail hem - for extra rear coverage. Easy to pair with everything from a cardigan to a black leather jacket, with boots or sandals. Colors: Black or Curfew 


The Kaleido-go Skirt has a wide, Nyelle™ waistband, an easy A-line drape, with a longer shirt tail hem in the back for coverage. Two on seam pockets are at the ready! Pair with the Lux Satellite Tank in Black/Black, the Women's Rights Crew, or the Flyte Tank in Saturday. Colors: Black or Curfew


The Kaleido-go Baselayer brings beautiful texture to a simple silhouette. A baselayer yes, but not too tight. The fabric has stretch, but it's also designed to be relaxed in fit. The cuffs have a small slit detail. Pair with ANY black or colored bottom; or denim. Colors: Black or Curfew


The Kaleido-go Tights combine a tried and true favorite, Nyelle, with the new Kaleido-go jacquard in just the right places. A narrow strip of jacquard along the outside of the legs provides stretch and style. Also along the waistband, for an easy, not-squeezed-in fit. Pair with the Lux Short Sleeve in Black/Black, the Flyte Long Sleeve in White, or just a sports bra, any sports bra - such as the New Strappy Bra in Black. Colors: Black or Curfew


Allyson Ely