Regina Volpi Baerwalde for Oiselle

Limited Edition Tees in Celebration of Title IX

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX with limited edition t-shirts by different women designers. Regina is our first featured guest designed on the Title IX project.

Regina Volpi Baerwalde is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but now resides in Seattle where she works as a designer and illustrator for clients of all shapes and sizes. When not designing, she can be found, running, playing soccer, reading, cooking and constantly doodling.

Regina's design is entitled 'heart sports' and comes in two color ways: pink and gray. The heart is made up of all kinds of sports equipment, everything you could dream up. It's a celebration of the love of sports.

She also designed the Wilma R tee, a combination of Wilma's inspirational quotes in hand-drawn font.

Check Out Regina's Work

Regina's Website:
Buy her limited edition tee for oiselle here: heart sports tee, wilma r tee



Heart Sports by Regina Volpi Baerwalde 

Wilma R by Regina Volpi Baerwalde

February 08, 2012 — sarah

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