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Sports bras are tricky technical pieces. You want them to be tight, but not so tight you are sneakily pulling your chest band away from your body for a decent breath of air. You want coverage, but not so much coverage that your armpits become rubbed raw by an intrusive high seam. Finding a trusty sports bra is a complete balancing act. But once you find the right one it becomes a longstanding friendship filled with a whole lot of sweat and love.

Here is the complete breakdown of our bra lineup, including two new additions - the Brilliance Bra and the Bae Bra! Our design team gives us the highlight of each bra, as well as a guide to compression and support levels.





Every season we strive to develop a bra that works for more body types and although we know there are still improvements to be made, we feel good about the steps we're making. For F17, in addition to market research, we also reached out to some local Volee members to get feedback regarding their current running bras- pros, cons, wants and needs. Some of the details we added to this bra included more supportive, wider, cushioned straps, an adjustable chest band, and a higher neckline. Visually, we really wanted this bra to look equally as good on the body as it did function for the body. Some of those details included mesh paneling, angled design lines, and shaping seams. This is officially our most supportive bra yet.



The Lesko Bra was designed to be a staple sports bra ready for any activity. With its simple racerback design it can easily be worn with any top. Another compression level 2 bra that balances support and comfort.


The Bae Bra was an update to the Hi Low Bra which we have had in the line for a few seasons. We wanted to keep some of the details such as the adjustable straps and contrast side fabric, but update it with a higher, more supportive neckline, and back mesh detailing that is flattering, breathable, and still holds structure. This bra is a level 2 compression- great for B-C cups. 



The Verrazano bra is one our classic styles that is perfect for any distance. Designed with four straps to reduce pressure points and now available in Paintbrush Reflective. Also, a level 2 compression bra, it is a great choice for A-B cups, but can also work for some gifted Cs!


The Hi Ten is an ideal run to rumble piece. At a level 1 compression, this bra is a perfect fit for A-B cups. We designed this bra to be supportive while having minimal coverage, and a lightweight feel. Fun fact: it’s not uncommon to fall in love with the comfort of the Hi Ten and replace all your casual wear bras.



For even more information on bra fitting visit our bra size information page.

We hope this provides you all the bra information you need to go forth and find a fit that lifts you up, holds you tight, and makes you feel ready to run!


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