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Today our very first Podium Project Trail Team will be making their debut in Snowmass Colorado! With an average age of 54 this is one impressive team of trail veterans.



LISA MANSFIELD: The fearless leader of Birdmachine CO, Lisa has conquered a 100 mile race so a few relay legs is nothing to her but a weekend fun run, that she runs very fast. If hunger strikes she will provide herself with the most optimal fuel… bacon. Lisa has cracked her head open on a rock at Snowmass before, but she kept going! After sutures and all, so LITERALLY NOTHING will stop her from finishing this race.

LEIGH LEVESQUE: Leigh is ready to keep spirits high as the entertainer of the group. When asked what she believes will be the most challenging part of the race she said (and I quote) “Lisa’s gas”. When asked what draws her to the trails she replied “Getting away from Lisa’s gas”. Motivation is everywhere people!

JULI CLARK: Juli may not be tackling the longest leg… or the shortest leg… but she will impressively tackle the middle(ish) leg with complete tenacity. When asked what draws her to the trails, Juli said that being surrounded by the beauty and serenity of mother nature is a moving meditation that nourishes her soul - *speechless* well said Juli.

VICKI HUNTER: Now let me tell you about Vicki… Vicki took 61 minutes, I repeat 61 MINUTES, off of her Marathon PR to qualify for the Olympic Trials in 1988 with a time of 2:49. This woman doesn’t set unattainable goals, just very very unlikely goals that somehow she refuses not to hit. Who knows what this woman will do at Snowmass!

JESSICA PIERCE-MADDEN: A retired climbing guide who is used to aiding others in their pursuits, Jessica will be the mother of the group ensuring that all needs are met. Does everyone have the snacks they need? Is someone sore? She is willing to give massages (don’t abuse this gift people). Basically the only two things people want in life, and especially during a relay.

REBECCA DELONG: Although Rebecca thinks the most challenging part of the Snowmass will be getting to the start line at 3:30am, no is not in her vocabulary. She will be spotted at the startline eating her daily birthday cake (Rebecca is a firm believer in birthday cake every day of the year) getting ready to tear it up come leg #2 of the race.

STACIE WARD: The oldest, the wisest, Staaaaaaacie Ward!!! She feels right at home on the trails having done 10+ trail relays including Ragnar Snowmass, her absolute favorite. She’s ready to rip on the downhills.

AMIE BERVY: The one, the only, Amie Bervy! Does that name sound familiar? Thought so. Amy starred in God Father Part 2 at the age of ten. So yes, she has been a badass since the age of ten. Amie is more than prepared for the challenge of a steep uphill on her last leg.

LAURIE NAKAUCHI: Laurie’s middle name Noriko means rule or law in Japanese, which she says is extremely fitting seeing as she is quite a rule follower, aka born to be a fearless trail relay crew member. When you see epic race day photos know that it’s Laurie behind the lense.

JENNIFER SOLZMAN: Next up on the crew team, often spotted getting work done in the gym, is Jennifer! Jennifer is fully embracing the role as team support person and encourager.

STACY HAMONTREE: Rounding out the power trio crew team, is Stacy. A dental hygienist of 32 years, Stacy is taking on a new role this weekend, with the self-proclaimed title “Coffee Bi***”. In addition, to keeping the runners caffeinated, Stacy will be directing traffic. Both jobs extremely necessary. 

Being someone who has yet to venture into the world of trail running, I asked the team to finish the following sentence:

In a trail race one must never ever…

  • Challenge a Mamma grouse with her babies, it’s a very dangerous encounter.
  • Be​ a self-absorbed ass
  • Worry about anything but being in the moment
  • Forget to look ahead, and up from the trail.
  • Close your eyes during the night legs and never turn your back on ‘green eyes’ reflecting in your head lamp.
  • Never ever miss the opportunity for a "kill", especially when it is a younger guy. 
  • Be afraid of the dark or eating a smore at 3 in the morning.
  • Look up to admire the views. This usually ends with an acrobatic face plant onto the trail! Always stop when you want to really see the scenery.
  • Poop on the trail.

Thanks team for the valuable advice, much appreciated.

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